Write For Us

Who are we?

The Electronics (https://theelectronics.wpcdn-a.com/) is a newly launched news website focusing on tech, consumer electronics, business and science. We are based in Bengaluru and strive to bring our readers latest news and developments. Stories from the tech world, from space to the smallest gadget in your hand, we have got them all covered. We value and constantly want to hear from people who have their ears to the ground and don’t miss any emerging trend in the world of technology, electronics, business and science.

What can you write about?

When it comes to the world of technology, you can write about everything from tech products to tech business to tech recycling to tech policies. It’s practically limitless. We want to know all that happens in the tech world from conception to the end and everything in between.

Science and technology have slipped into every arena, be it education or health or finance or gaming or politics or business or weather or security or… Well, you get the gist.

One more thing: We are particular about the currency of the story. If it happened yesterday, our readers won’t like to read about it tomorrow. So, time is of essence here.

It’s needless to say that both the pitch and your article should be balanced. We don’t want advertorials or promotional material. News, analysis, in-depth stories, ground reports, profiles, interviews and reviews are what we are looking for.

How to pitch the idea?             

You can send your idea in the following format to output.theelectronics@gmail.com

  • Working headline:
  • Story idea in 2-4 lines:
  • Word count:
  • Background and why it’s important
  • Who will you speak to for quotes
  • Describe images/graphics the story needs
  • Your contact details

Process after pitching

If your idea seems appealing, you should hear from us within a day or two either via email or call to discuss it in detail and set a deadline.

Note: The writer will warrant to us that the idea has not been plagiarised from anywhere and the story hasn’t been submitted or published by other national or international publications.