Smartwatch Buying Guide – Choose the perfect Smartwatch for yourself

Buying the perfect smartwatch for yourself could be a little overwhelming with so many options in the market, especially if you are a starter. Smartwatches apart from making a style statement and telling you the time can also do various other things – from notifications, messages, calls, payments, and many more. It is like a mini phone on your wrist – smart and comfortable.

While going through the various options, carefully list your priorities whether you want a basic smartwatch at a reasonable price or if you want an expensive, stylish, or feature-packed smartwatch.

We have listed a few points in this smartwatch buying guide that will help you understand and figure what is the perfect smartwatch for yourself as everyone has different requirements and budgets.

Smartwatch Buying Guide – How to choose the best Smartwatch for you:

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Smartwatches come in various price ranges – starting as low as INR 2000 or even less. However, lower-priced smartwatches may not come with all the features that you might be looking for.

The thing about basic smartwatches that come under a reasonable price is that they will mostly do just the basic tasks such as – notifications for calls, messages, and emails. Other than that a reasonable smartwatch can be similar to a fitness tracker with a few fitness features. But there are smartwatches that are expensive and stylish. These smartwatches do not just look good but also come with many features to serve as an excellent companion to your phone.

From the basic notifications and fitness features to multiple apps, music, payments, voice assistants or commands, activity tracking, some of the high-end smartwatches indeed prove that they are worth the price.

So, if have decided on your budget or at least the price range of the smartwatch you can take a look at other factors that you might want to consider while buying one.


The next factor to consider in our smartwatch buying guide is its compatibility. Always make sure and confirm whether the smartwatch you are planning to buy is compatible with your phone. Smartwatches are like mini phones that need to be paired with your smartphone to give you maximum benefits, ease, and comfort.

Apple smartwatches work best with iPhones and not android. Make sure to learn which smartwatch brand or OS will be ideal for your phone.

Features and other factors:

Our last tip on this smartwatch buying guide is paying attention to the features and factors that the smartwatch offers. Smartwatches come with many features depending on their price. The more expensive the smartwatch the more features it is likely to come with. However, not all smartwatches may come with all the best features. It is up to you to decide what kind of feature you are looking for in a smartwatch and if it fits your set budget.

Smartwatches come with many features, mostly fitness tracking, GPS, fast charging, voice assistants, touch screens, OLED and/or LCD displays, water resistance, music, app compatibility, online payments, etc.

Make sure to buy a smartwatch that has a good battery life as it is essential for any smartwatch. If you are someone who takes fitness seriously, make sure to buy a smartwatch with GPS, a heart rate sensor along other fitness and activity trackers. There are smartwatches that are water-resistant and can be comfortably worn while swimming.

While buying a smartwatch, make sure that you also get swappable watch bands to make your smartwatch sustain a longer lifetime and is comfortable for you to wear at all times.
If you are someone who would like to have multiple apps or multiple app compatibility make sure to find out which brands or which price will offer this feature. There are many smartwatches out there that allow their users to run many apps on their smartwatch simultaneously.

Hope you find this quick smartwatch buying guide useful.

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