Apple Watch 7 Series – All you need to know

The much-awaited new Apple Watch Series 7 is finally here, and yet again it has the largest and the most advanced display ever seen.  The first orders will arrive on October 15, a week later, and can be pre-ordered from October 8, 2021, onwards. 

The Apple Watch 7 will be available in two sizes – 41mm and 45mm. It will be available in the 41mm and 45mm with the GPS variant will start from INR 41,900 and INR 44,900 respectively. The price of the Apple Watch Series 7 41mm and 45mm GPS + Cellular variant will start from INR 50,900 and INR 53,900 respectively.

Let’s take a closer look at all the new features that Apple Watch Series 7 is bringing. 

Apple watch 7

1. Apple Watch 7 Display

The Apple Watch 7 has got the largest display yet which makes it easier to check messages or any other notifications on your wrist. The Apple Watch 7 comes in 5 different aluminum colors of Green, Blue, Red, Starlight (White), and Midnight (Black). The Apple Watch 7 also comes with different options for casings other than aluminum including the stainless steel and titanium options available in Silver, Graphite, Gold, and Silver, Space black respectively.

The Apple Watch 7 brings the entirely new ‘always-on Retina display’ which means the smartwatch is always on. The display does not require the user to raise the wrist or touch the screen to check the time and other notifications. 

With a thicker front crystal, the Apple Watch 7 is said to be one of the most crack-resistant crystals. The Apple Watch 7 is also one of the most durable watches you can buy, with dust and water resistance. The user can wear the Apple watch while swimming as it comes with WR50 water resistance. 

2. Apple Watch 7 Battery

Powered by the new S7 chipset the Apple Watch will be more powerful and seamless. The battery life is powerful in the new Apple Watch 7 as the smartwatch charges faster by 33%. In about 8 minutes of charging the Apple Watch 7 is capable of providing up to 8 hours of sleep tracking. 

3. Apple Watch 7 features 

The fitness features in Apple Watch 7 are more or less the same. The fitness features supported by Apple Watch Series 7 are – blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, sleep tracking among others. There is another feature called the Reflect feature that allows the user to take a deep breath or a break to reduce stress with the help of the Mindfulness app. 

There are other fitness trackers that will detect your movements and determine many workouts for the user including cycling. The Apple Watch 7 will be able to automatically detect when the user starts cycling or paddling. The fall detection has been optimized so that the user can get emergency help if he or she falls off or gets injured. 

Cycling also finds a whole new gear. Apple Watch now automatically detects when you begin pedaling and reminds you to start a workout. Fall detection, now optimized for cycling and other workouts, 6 can call emergency services if you take a spill.7 And to help you keep your eyes on the road, a voice feedback feature announces workout milestones, like speed, distance, and more. For e-bikes, an improved algorithm more accurately calculates calories. There is also a voice feedback feature that can announce milestones for its respective users such as speed and distance. 

Apart from these, the user will also be able to easily place calls, text, pay, ask Siri, and access Apple music and podcasts. With the Apple Watch Series 7 cellular variant, the user can easily go on about his day without his phone. 

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