6GB Vs 8GB – How Much RAM Do You Actually Need?

6GB Vs 8GB – Is 8GB RAM really enough? Which RAM should you choose?

Most smartphones come with an average of 6GB or 8G RAM which in most cases is ideal. But many of us still wonder how much does a smartphone really needs. Is it 6Gb, or 8GB… or is 4GB enough? Now with 4GB RAM, your smartphone will do just fine. However, is it optimum?

It is important to first understand what is RAM. RAM or Random Acess Memory is computer hardware that allows applications to store all information and data temporarily. It is basically super-fast storage that holds data on your phones and helps you access applications faster. Smartphones these days come with multiple variations of RAM  (mostly between 2GB to 12GB) and you can decide for yourself how much RAM would be ideal for your phone.

6gb vs 8gb ram phones

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How much RAM do you need? 6GB vs 8GB

The answer to that question depends on person to person. Most smartphones today come with either 6GB RAM or 8GB RAM. Both of them are enough or sufficient for a phone.

The 8GB RAM phones might be more expensive than the phones with 6GB RAM. However, the price of the phone also depends on other features and specifications.
Some phones also come with 2GB or 4GB RAM which is also enough for a phone with basic use. But you should consider buying a phone that has 4G RAM or higher. Phones with less than 4GB RAM may be slow and suffer much lag in accessing apps quickly.

A few points to remember while deciding how much RAM is ideal for you.

  • 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB RAM are enough for any phone to run the most popular apps such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • For gaming and editing in mobile requires more RAM. So, if you like gaming or perform work-related tasks on your phone, you want to consider phones that have 8GB RAM or more.
  • For gaming, an 8GB RAM phone is enough depending on the graphic quality of the game. For example, the mobile game FIFA Soccer on Android sometimes may use more than 1GB of RAM while it’s running on your phone. Games like PUBG and Black Desert Online are said to run only on phones that have 8GB RAM or more. So, consider buying an 8GB RAM phone or even better a 12GB RAM phone. Higher-end games require more RAM.
  • More RAM means faster and smoother performance.

Why is RAM important?

RAM is essential in a smartphone. More the RAM, the faster you will be able to access data, thereby also switching between the apps faster and without much lag. So if you multitask a lot, and have a lot of apps running in your background, you would want a higher RAM phone. This will ensure that your phone keeps running smoothly no matter how many apps you run on it.

With 8GB RAM or 12GB, RAM phones can access multiple applications quickly and smoothly. With more RAM your phones are able to switch from one app to the other with ease, you can perform multiple tasks in different apps, run multiple apps in the background, and you can do them easily. The more RAM the faster your phone performance.

In case you want to check your RAM usage you can do that with a few simple steps – go to Settings, select the option of Device Care or Device Maintenance or in a few models directly select the ‘RAM and storage space’ option. This will display all the storage information and available space. You can also clear your RAM if you wish to have a smoother user experience by selecting the ‘Clear now’ option.


So, to answer the question of how much RAM do we really need between 6GB vs 8GB, the most ideal would be an 8GB RAM for those that want a fast and smooth experience. As for gamers, 8GB RAM or 12GB RAM will be great.

Other than that the 6GB RAM is also good enough and should suffice those who do not use their phone for editing purposes and only access the most commonly used apps. Now that you know what RAM is appropriate for you, check out some 6GB and above RAM phones here. We hope you liked this article of 6GB vs 8GB ram useful.

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