Smartphone Buying Guide – How to determine which is the perfect smartphone for you

Phones are an essential part of our lives and it has become hard for most of us to imagine our lives without one. Your smartphone might not be able to keep up with all the latest features and technology that keeps coming often with updates alone. This is when you know, you need a new smartphone. Check out how to determine the best smartphone for you in this smartphone buying guide.

Before deciding which smartphone to buy, you must know if you are looking for any particular brand, OS, feature, or design for your next smartphone. If you haven’t been able to decide from the countless options you have, don’t worry, the guide below will help you make up your mind and come to a final decision of which smartphone to go for. 

The Budget of your smartphone

Irrespective of buying a smartphone or any other product or device, the first thing is the budget. If you have a budget it is important to look at smartphones that come within that budget and to check if all the latest features you are looking for are there in the device or even the basic ones for a start. Those who have a strict budget must make up their minds on what features they are looking for and prioritizing them. 

smartphone buying guide

Most smartphones at a reasonable price have the basic features along with an average camera, storage, and design. The smartphones that come with the latest high-end features are more expensive.   

If you don’t have a budget, plan on what features you are looking for and whether you want a smartphone that comes with all the premium packages

The Brand of your smartphone

If you have had a specific brand of smartphone and you have liked its services, OS, interface,  features you might as well decide to buy a smartphone of the same brand but a higher model. But in case, you did not have a good experience with the previous brand, you can completely avoid it and go for the one that will better suit your smartphone needs and requirements.

There are a few brands that have gained much popularity over the past few years, such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, ASUS, Vivo, and other older brands such as Samsung, Apple which are some good choices. However, whatever brand you choose to buy, make sure to find out their advantages and their disadvantages for every brand will have them respectively. For instance, if you buy an Apple smartphone, you will be able to connect it with all other Apple products and not with any other brand.

Before you decide on the brand, also make sure they have the service centers in and around your location in case your smartphone needs a repair or a general checkup.

The features and the OS of your smartphone

Most smartphones have Android as their operating system or OS. Apple has its OS which is iOS. Now, after you are sure which OS you would like to work with it becomes a step simpler for you to choose the perfect smartphone for you. 

smarrtphone buying guide

The next things you want to look at are the features of the smartphone. There are many features that you should look out for and keep in mind that sometimes, not every smartphone might come with all of these features together. In such cases prioritize which feature is an absolute requirement for you.

The basic features to look out for is the storage capacity, RAM, internal storage, expandable memory; battery life; the screen type – LCD or LED, Gorilla Glass protection; the cameras, low light features, video recording, image quality; Dual or Single SIM and the connectivity, 4G/5G. 

Along with these basic features, other high-end features are definitely a bonus and depend on you, whether you want them or not. 

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