Cleaning Guide of Appliances

The appliances at every home that are used every day must be well maintained so that these essential appliances last for a longer period of time while being efficient. These are cleaning guide of appliances that users must know, like how often to clean the appliances, when, and how to clean the appliances. It is important to keep in mind that appliances must be cleaned too often as it might lead to some severe damage and the appliance must be cleaned after too long as well as it might not give the most hygienic of results.

Below are given some tips to clean the essential appliances that are used every day. Along with that, the number of times that a particular appliance must be cleaned is also given.

When and How to clean a refrigerator?

One of the most essential appliances in the home that no household can do without is the refrigerator. It is extremely important to keep the refrigerator clean, especially during the summers when we keep many beverages that may spill all over the place and other food items that might become stale. 

So it is good to clean the refrigerator once every week externally, otherwise, the refrigerator would become dusty, and to clean the inside of the refrigerator after every two weeks or so. Cleaning the inside of the refrigerator depends on the users as well, if the user is keeping the food items very neatly, then cleaning after two or one weeks is not quite necessary.

But deep cleaning is necessary for the refrigerator after every month or two months. 

How to clean the refrigerator 

To clean the refrigerator, the user can first remove the different shelves, drawers, and compartments to clean properly.

  • The user can either clean with just water and use a wet cloth to clean the stains.
  • Sometimes it is advised to mix water and a little bit of vinegar to acquire the best and maximum clean results.

When and How to clean Washing machine 

Washing machines are mostly advised to be cleaned after every six months. But this also depends on the user and the kind of washing machine the user has. 

Some users might feel the need to clean their washing machines after four months or so and some might prefer after eight months or so which is a good enough time to clean the appliance but it should be known that the standard time is after every six months. It should also be noted that the cleaning of the washing machine must not exceed the time of one year, otherwise, the appliance will not be able to efficiently wash clothes that are clean.

How to clean Washing machine

The cleaning of washing machines depends on the model of the washing machine. Some washing machines come with the ‘Tub Hygiene’ option which allows the washing machine to self-clean itself, however, some models of the washing machines may not come with those kinds of options. In that case, it is advised to clean the washing machine manually.

  • Put either any kind of detergent or vinegar (two cups) in the washing drum and run the longest washing cycles option. 
  • Put the hottest temperature of the water or if there is no option of hot water then cold water should be fine. 
  • Users can also use a sponge, wet cloth, or a toothbrush to clean the internal drum to get maximum results or to remove dirt that does not come off easily. 
  • Then the user can either run the dryer to complete the process of cleaning or let the washing machine dry on its own. 

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