Gas Water Heaters- Buying Guide

Gas water heaters are said to be highly efficient. Not only do gas water heaters consume less energy but also help in reducing energy bills. There are two types of water heaters – Gas water heaters that use natural gas or LPG and electric water heaters which use electricity. Running on LPG gas, gas water heaters get the gas through cylinders or pipelines and comparatively weigh less.

Before buying gas water heaters it is important to know a few advantages and disadvantages of the product.

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Advantages of Gas Water Heaters:

The advantages of gas water heaters are as follows – 

  • The biggest advantage of a gas water heater is that it saves much energy and cuts down costs, making it way cheaper to have a gas water heater.
  • Gas Water heaters are easier to operate and install. 
  • Even if gas water heaters get damaged, the repair costs are also cheaper and the process for the repair also takes less time and energy with a faster recovery rate.
  • Last but not the least, gas water heaters, as the name suggests, do not need electricity to heat water. Gas water heaters are good for large families as well.

However, the only disadvantage that a gas water heater has is that it may cost slightly more than other types of water heaters. 

Factors to consider while buying gas water heaters

Here are a few things that people who are considering buying gas water heaters should be looking for. 

Price of the gas water heater 

The first factor that will be subjective for each buyer is the price. Every buyer will have a specific budget. According to the budget, the buyers can decide whether they want to buy a small one or a medium or a large gas water heater. The price will depend on the size for sure, but the brand will also matter. 

Brand of the Gas Water heater

Not all Gas water heaters in India are great. If you are really buying one, make sure that it is worth spending that amount of money. 

It is essential to make sure that the gas water heater that the buyer is purchasing must have an ISI mark which is important because the Bureau of Indian Standards or the BIS has set very strict safety and performance standards for gas water heaters. That is why it is recommended to buy those with the ISI mark and avoid the ones that do not have it.

Make sure to buy a gas water heater which is of a good brand. Even if there is no ISI mark, make sure the gas water heater is of a good and trusted brand. Some of the recommended brands are –  Bajaj, Marc, Venus, Racold, Kenstar, and Crompton Greaves.

Size of the gas water heaters

The size of the gas water heater is another factor that buyers must consider while buying gas water heaters. For a large family, buying a large gas water heater is ideal, while a small gas water heater is best for a smaller family. But there are a few things that the buyer must consider while looking at the size of the gas water heater.

gas water heater

Small gas water heaters will definitely consume less energy and cut down on costs but small gas water heaters will also take a longer time to heat water and the quantity of the water heated will also probably fall short for families or households that require hot water for various purposes.

So considering this advantage of the size of the water heater the buyer can prioritize his requirements. 

Space for the gas water heater

The space for the gas water heater is also important to consider. Buyers must ensure that they have the right amount of space for the device. Not just that they must ensure that they also have a good ventilation system. 

For those with small spaces, can look for small but efficient gas water heaters and a large or medium-sized water heater for those who have a good amount of space.

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