Windows 11: The next generation of Windows

Windows 11- All you need to know about the new features!

Windows 11 creates a serene and creative space wherein you can explore your passions in a new way. Microsoft has officially announced Window 11 the successor for Windows 10. The official release date is not out yet but it is anticipated that Windows 11 is scheduled to release later this year, probably in the holiday season, however, rumors suggest we could see Windows 11 being released in October. 

Windows 11 will have many new upgrades with many new features. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • New Start menu – The Start menu for Windows 11 will see significant changes. The start menu will no longer be at the left corner of the screen. It will be at the centre at the bottom of the screen. Although, the user will be able to place it in the left corner at its initial position. Other new features include the new color of pastels, transitions, dark mode, and round corners for apps on Windows 11.
  • Widgets – The new Windows 11 has integrated Widgets in the taskbar and the user will be able to see the weather, news, sports, etc. The user can personalise according to their preference of topics or news. 
  • Virtual desktops – Opening and operating on multiple desktops will be much easier and more efficient with Windows 11. The user will be able to jump from desktop to desktop and will be able to perform any tasks be it gaming, editing documents, watching movies, etc.
  • Auto HDR and direct storage – The new Windows 11 will come with auto HDR and direct storage. This will have an improved gaming with better and brighter contrast, color, faster loading, among other gaming improvements.
  • Snapping – With the help of Snap, layout users can now open multiple apps together in the form of columns or a grid. The Snap layout allows around six apps to be opened together simultaneously. The Snap Group is another feature that allows users to open messages and notifications while performing a different task and get right back to their initial task.
  • Docking – The docking feature allows the users to come back to their work without being affected when they unplug their monitor as the new Windows 11 will automatically minimize and open after re-docking.
  • Microsoft store – Windows 11 will also have an upgraded app store where it will be easier to find the apps. This will now have all android apps for its users to download and directly use on their PCs.
  • Windows 11 right-click options – The right-click option will see much change in Windows 11. Unlike the previous right-click options the new right-click option will not have the ‘refresh’ option and will have the new ‘show more options’.
  • Microsoft Teams – Windows 11 will be integrated with Microsoft Teams as one of the main chat apps. Microsoft teams let users video call, voice call, chat, and message. Not just that Microsoft teams will now work on Windows, Android as well as iOS.  
  • Windows 11 Action centre – This feature has also been tweaked a little with square-shaped tiles and rounded corners. The Windows 11 Action centre will now include the battery saver button, BlueTooth, Wi-Fi, accessibility, speakers, brightness and settings. There are a few options like the VPN, Night light, mobile hotspot, all settings options which are not there in the action centre although the user can personalise them and put them back.  Windows 11

The new Windows 11 will be available in all the PCs that have a Trusted Point Module or TPM 2.0 chip and a few other requirements. There will be more deprecations of some of the older features of Windows 10 in the new Windows 11.

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