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Smart questAir Tags

Are you someone who keeps missing keys and wallets? These new smart devices would track lost items and help you spot their location. Apple debuted its AirTags, small and portable iPhone accessory to find the lost items, just like the Find my iPhone feature that allows you to play sound and spot your iPhone. AirTags work in sync with Find My app without compromising on location privacy of the user. These handy tags are less in weight, water and dust resistant with replaceable batteries. Use a loop or a leather key ring to tag it to the desired product and bringing your iPhone near to the tag will connect it automatically. The user can play sound and find the item if it’s within the bluetooth range or use precision finding, the special feature with audio guidance to locate your lost item. If the item is far away separated from the owner, the Find My Network would detect bluetooth signals and relay the location to the user.

Pic 1Wearable AC and warmer

Sony introduced the upgraded version of its wearable AC to put under your shirt for sweat proofing during exercise. Reon Pocket 2 is said to absorb twice the heat with more comfortable cooling performance than the old version. The palm size plastic device gets charged via USB C and gets connected to your mobile through Bluetooth. The app can help you control the temperature settings in levels of cooling and warming. It can be operated in automatic modes by operating the device physically with hands rather than using the app. The battery lasts for around 2 to 3 hours and differs with the intensity of settings. The product is teamed up along the Sony undershirts with pockets in its inner back to rest the device in-between shoulder blades. The portable device is just 80gms and remains unnoticeable in the undershirt. The recent model is listed for specific sports activities like golf. Sony has also designed a neck strap accessory to  use the device with regular clothes.

QuboQubo video doorbell

Hero Electronix launched the new Qubo Smart Wifi video doorbell, first of its kind that instantly starts  a video call, when the doorbell rings. Users get notified on their phone and can start the conversation without location boundaries, as it features calls on Wifi. It has a 3MP camera with 140 degree field view, that allows you to see the visitor along with the things he might be carrying. Not only does the device records call, it can also record 1080p full HD video even in the dark mode. The device can pair with Google Assistant or Alexa to enable smart screen view, maybe with your television to eliminate the need for an indoor display unit.  It comes with a sensor to automatically detect the person standing at your door. The user can enable the trigger to ring on intruders with its alert system. It can be customised to alert caution when the module gets tampered. The Qubo doorbell is dust and water resistant with a wedge to mount on your doorbell at any desired angle to fit your door frame.

smrt cSmart Electric Cooker

Xiomi debuted the MIJIA smart electric 5 litre pressure cooker that can cook around 20 bowls of rice in a few minutes. It is revamped with a huge difference in size from its predecessor. This smart device comes with two inner pots that you can use to cook different types of food. It takes as low as 40 minutes or even less depending on the food type.  It boasts its efficiency to cook rice in 21 minutes. The pot has five layer tanks that can help boil ingredients at low temperature with an open lid. It has various temperature adjustments for taste and pressure modes that can be controlled through the Mijia app on Wifi to cook various recipes in a click. It comes with detailed operating instructions and smart cooking procedures. The user can prefix timing to start cooking. The smart cooker has 8 major safety protection to avoid burning, drying, leaking of the food.

lockSmart Door Lock

The lock maker August had worked on its smart lock upgrading it to the 4th generation with WiFi that works in pair with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. This comes with a built-in WiFi chip in a first of its kind to eliminate the necessity for installing a separate WiFi bridge into the wall outlet. Moreover, the user need not replace the deadbolt to put in this new lock. Smaller and thin than its predecessor Smart Lock Pro, this is powered by two batteries which might last  for around three to six months. This is said to be easier to install as the mesh pattern around the dial has been replaced with a series of ridges to enable better gripping with the hand. It has the mobile app to remotely lock or unlock the door along with other options like sharing a digital key to the visitor to unlock your door. It has sensors to tell you if the users leave the door opened or closes without locking.

smart mattressSmart Mattress

Emma, the sleep tech firm unveiled a sleeping mattress – Emma motion in February that would automatically adjust to the user’s sleeping position to ensure comfort, a huge step ahead from your traditional mattress. The mattress is available in four different sizes. It uses 360 motion sensors, called the Infinite AI mat to track movement and pressure to enable moulding of the mattress to the user’s body. The smart sleeping bed has Diamond Degree foam that will cool down your body and helps to reach deep sleep mode quickly.  It has motion fields inside an HRX foam at the shoulder and hip region to adjust to support the user’s spine.  It comes with Silent IQ technology to shut noises during adjustments. This IQ interprets the motion fields that start compressing and decompressing the foam, according to the user’s sleeping position, aligning and balancing the spine. It can be manually customised using the Emma Motion Control App, feeding in details like your sleep positions – may be side sleeping.

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