Refrigerator Buying Guide – Choose the best refrigerator for your home

The Refrigerator Buying Guide

Refrigerators are essential for any kitchen or household. Today, there are various options to choose from and determine which is the best refrigerator for your home. In doing so, the buyer must consider a few things while purchasing a refrigerator. Refrigerators like most of the essential home appliances like televisions, washing machines are bought for long-term usage and that is why it is important to buy a good refrigerator that will last for good long years.

Some of the factors that should be taken into account while buying a refrigerator are the refrigerator type, the capacity, the space you have for the refrigerator, and of course the budget.

Types of Refrigerators and their Capacity 

There are mainly four types of refrigerators  –

  1. French Door Refrigerators
  2. Side-by-Side Refrigerators
  3. Double door Refrigerators
  4. Single door Refrigerators

French Door Refrigerators

The French Door refrigerators are refrigerators that have a multi-door design, more than two doors. These refrigerators are mostly for modern kitchens but can also fit quite well in any small spaced kitchen. These refrigerators mostly have smart features that allow the users to connect the refrigerator with their phones, check the contents in the refrigerator, and lots more. 

French door refrigerator buying guide

These refrigerators come with the largest capacities, ranging from 500 Litres to 800 Litres or above. These refrigerators are expensive but have a sleek and stylish design that can give any kitchen a modern touch.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

The Side-by-Side refrigerators have two doors on the side as the name suggests and opens from the middle outwards. These refrigerators are also very stylish and add a modern touch to any kitchen and are best suited for large families. The size may vary from brand to brand along with their price. These are also fairly expensive but worth their price.

Side-by-side refrigerator

The Side-by-Side refrigerators also come with a large capacity, ranging from 500 Litres and above. They have a good capacity and are ideal for large families.

Double Door Refrigerators

The Double Door refrigerators have two doors, a freezer compartment at the top and a fridge compartment underneath them. This is one of the traditional style refrigerators with the classic design of two compartments. These refrigerators are reasonable and affordable, they also can fit in any small home or kitchen and save much space. This refrigerator is ideal for small families or even large families if the user buys one with a larger capacity. 

Double door refrigerator buying guide

The capacity of Double door refrigerators ranges from 230 Litres to 500 Litres making it ideal for both small and large families.

Single Door Refrigerator 

The Single door refrigerators are the older models of refrigerators and have a single door. The freezer compartment is integrated into this refrigerator. This is perfect for a single person or a small family or a small kitchen space. The price for this refrigerator is also very reasonable and is one of the cheapest ones out there. Since this refrigerator type is very old it does not come with many features. 

Single door refrigerator

Image Source: Whirlpool

The capacity for this refrigerator ranges from 120 Litres to 130 Litres. It is ideal for a family with two to three members.

Features of a Refrigerator

High-end refrigerators come with many features. Most popular features today include a smart feature that can be connected to a phone and the user can choose to operate the refrigerator simply through the phone. Some refrigerators come with different modes to suit different needs as per seasons, weather, etc. 

Some features also allow the users to view the content in their refrigerators through their phone via the brand app or so while others will automatically detect the contents and suit the temperature on their own.


The newer models of refrigerators are much more energy-efficient, which is another important factor that must be considered while buying a refrigerator. The higher the efficiency of the refrigerator the better because the refrigerator will consume less electricity.

Budget and Space

Other than the features and types of refrigerators the buyer must also keep in mind their budget. Refrigerators of all prices are easily available today in different online or offline stores. The price of refrigerators can range from INR 10,000 or less to INR 1,00,000 or more. It depends on what features or capacity the buyer is looking for in his/her refrigerator.

budget of a refrigerator

Space is another important factor that must be considered. If the buyer’s kitchen is small he/she must consider buying a refrigerator that is compact and fits perfectly in their kitchen. If kitchen space and price is not a problem for the buyer he/she may choose a large, high-end modern refrigerator with the smartest of features that will suit their home perfectly.

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