5 most common smartphone myths debunked

Smartphone Myths

In the present world of advanced technology, almost everyone has a smartphone. But many of us don’t actually have too much knowledge about mobile phones, especially when it comes to the technical part of it and thus there are a lot of misconceptions about smartphones over the last few years, thanks to the ‘WhatsApp’ university. But how true are those smartphone myths? Let’s find out the truth about the 5 most common myths about smartphones below.

Myth: You should not charge your smartphone overnight

Fact: Though there were a number of cases of phone blasts in the past few years if reports are to be believed none of them took place due to overcharging. They were either due to faulty chargers or some other technical issue. The truth is that it is absolutely safe to charge your smartphone overnight as they are smart enough to prevent overcharging. All the latest modern electronic gadgets with rechargeable batteries have safety circuits built in them to prevent overcharging and therefore any sort of damage from it. Once the battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging on its own. Thus, you can easily put your smartphone on charge at night when you are asleep without any worry.

smartphone myths

Myth: Closing background apps make your phone faster

Fact: People often get confused between mobile apps that are “open in the background” and the ones that are “running.” Users need to understand that when an app is open in the background, it is not running, it’s just in a state that makes it much easier and quicker to relaunch and such apps do not use many resources. Thus, closing or removing all those background apps will not help your smartphone in any way. 

However, if you close the apps that are running in the background definitely helps to improve your phone’s performance.

smartphone myths

Myth: It is better to let your phone battery drain before recharging it 

Fact: This is completely a wrong conception. You can easily charge your phone once it reaches 15% of its battery capacity to get optimal results. This is also one of the main reasons why most smartphones notify the users when the battery level reaches 15% and not at any random level. Thus, there is no need to waste your time in draining the battery and then putting it for a charge.

Myth: More megapixels imply better camera

Fact: This is one of the most common smartphone myths that people have when it comes to the selection of a smartphone. The truth is that the number of megapixels a camera has actually defined how big a photo you can click. In case you are looking for a good phone camera, then you must consider the quality of the sensor, lens, aperture, and image processors, instead of megapixels. There are a number of smartphones in the market that are literally struggling with their cameras in spite of having 108 MP ones.

Myth: Smartphones can cause fire at petrol pumps

Fact: Petroleum gas is flammable and can easily be ignited by a spark. But such a spark could probably come from lighters or matchsticks or static electricity, but not from your mobile phone. Though people believe that a faulty battery or phone may cause fire at fuel stations that is quite unlikely. Till date, there hasn’t been any verified incidence of such an occurrence at petrol pumps.

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