Retail tech startup Arzooo rolls out vaccination drive for retailers

To support the Indian economy and to encourage people to get vaccination across India, Arzooo, one of India’s leading B2B retail-tech startup, has announced a large scale vaccination drive for every retail shop owner in consumer durables in India with an incentive plan where it pays them for every vaccination done.

A shop owner has to just get vaccinated and Post vaccination, the have to just upload their vaccination certificate on the Arzooo app. An instant refund of Rs 400 will then be credited to them.

There are over 50,000 retail shops for consumer durables and Arzooo’s vaccination drive is open for 100% of them including those who are not on Arzooo platform. This promotion drive aims to create awareness as well as encourage people to get their vaccinations at the vaccination drive.

Globally, the analysts have been indicating the third wave of COVID-19 to be more disastrous than the second one and are pushing for breaking the chain.

Earlier in May, Arzooo also launched a slot finding feature on the Android app where one can check for the vaccine availability as per his/her pincode or district. The new feature also helps the users in finding nearby vaccination center and can also share notifications when the vaccine slots are available.

About Arzooo

Arzooo is India’s fastest growing retail technology platform that strives for excellence in multiple facets of technology and marketing. Currently powering over 10,000 consumer electronics stores, Arzooo offers you a great opportunity to expand your business.

If you’re looking for the best products at the best prices, it can be a time-consuming process for a retailer. Once you’ve decided to purchase a product, you’ll need to find a supplier, get your products delivered on time, and deal with a whole plethora of problems. However, the days of making several follow-up calls as Arzooo will give you the power in the palm of your hands.

Arzooo is essentially a one-stop destination where you can buy products of any brand at the best price. It is designed specifically for consumer electronics stores, enabling them to offer a wide variety of selections to their customers without having to invest in the inventory. The retailers will be able to purchase more than 10,000 products at the lowest price, giving them a higher profit, along with quick delivery capabilities and integrated financing. Arzooo has quickly become the gateway that fast-growing, emerging brands can use to launch into profitable success.


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