Xiaomi working on new feature to extend RAM capacity for seamless gaming

Most premium Xiaomi smartphones these days come with enough RAM to ensure seamless gaming and multi-tasking. Even budget phones these days come with 4-6GB of RAM whereas high-end, performance-heavy smartphones come with 12-16GB of RAM. Even after that, users face lags and complain about performance-related issues.

Smartphone manufacturers today are looking for ways to counter this issue. For instance, Vivo came up with the concept of adding virtual RAM to the recently released X60 series and Xiaomi could be following suit.

Xiaomi tipster hints at potential RAM extension feature

Popular Xiaomi tipster Kacper Skrzypek recently discovered references to a memory extension feature in the upcoming MIUI update. He shared a screenshot of a custom Android skin, confirming the presence of the feature that’ll arrive in the future Xiaomi smartphones.

This feature will be similar to Vivo’s virtual RAM feature, allocating additional storage towards RAM to handle gaming and multi-tasking. On the recently launched Vivo X60 series, the smartphones were capable of extending the RAM by 3GB, which meant the 8GB RAM variant was capable of becoming an 11GB RAM variant.

It will be interesting to observe if Xiaomi will reserve this feature for its premium smartphones or add it to the interface across several devices. The latter will likely benefit numerous users that are running older smartphones. They’ll be able to extend the smartphone’s life and get better performance without actually having to spend extra money on a new device.

It is worth noting that Xiaomi is planning on introducing the latest version of MIUI in India. The update was announced earlier this year and is set to run on the next Redmi note phone. The company hasn’t actually revealed the name of the upcoming phone although it is likely to be the Redmi Note 10S.

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