Whirlpool Inverter Refrigerator launched: Now enjoy quality cooling while saving on electricity bills

Whirlpool Inverter Refrigerator is one of the best ever from the company and it offers interesting features guaranteeing the freshness of food up to 15 days with incredible savings on electricity bills.

Summers usually bring the heat and pose a greater need for cooling. Apart from avoiding the summer heat, families also have to stay inside longer due to the worldwide pandemic. The weather and external circumstances demand maximized use of applications while also not adding up to the current electricity bills.

As the weather starts heating up, some food items will spoil faster if they’re not stored properly. This is the case because bacteria grow quicker in warm environments. Whirlpool has released the company’s Best Ever Inverter No-Frost refrigerator in a bid to provide efficient cooling with financial savings.

Whirlpool Inverter Refrigerator offers the best exceptional features and multiple modes of freezing

Whirlpool has introduced the refrigerator in the Philippines just in time for the summer and it comes with numerous exceptional benefits along with a low operating cost. The Best Ever Inverter fridge by Whirlpool is equipped with the Inverter technology for delivering superb energy savings. Not only will the fridge use an efficient Embraco compressor but it’ll also make use of the unique intelligent sensors, allowing the fridge to adapt and operate at its optimum peak while offering long-term energy savings.

The freezer section of the Whirlpool Inverter Refrigerator will provide five settings options catering to different storage needs.

  • The All Season Mode will be the default setting and it automatically adjusts the temperature on the basis of what is loaded inside
  • The Chef Mode will be the ideal option for ready-to-cook items
  • The Party Mode will help maximize your usage of the freezer during parties and celebrations by offering better cooling for stored food items and beverages
  • The Dessert Mode will maintain the perfect temperature to avoid ice creams or any other desserts from melting
  • The Deep Freeze Mode is best for goods that require to be stored frozen for a long period of time

Aside from these, there are other exceptional features like Zeolite Technology that prevents excessive ripening of foods, Microblock Technology to impede bacterial growth ensuring food freshness, and Fresh Flow Air Towers with Flexi Vents for allowing uniform cooling.

The Best Ever Whirlpool Inverter Refrigerator is available on the official Whirlpool website in Philippines for just Philippine peso 39,998 (approx. ₹61,300). It is unknown when the product will make its way to the Indian market but more information is expected to come out soon.

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