Samsung Window Fit AC launched: Everything you need to know

A major drawback of owning a split AC or wall-mounted AC is the cumbersome installation and it is beyond DIY jobs. However, with the latest Samsung Window Fit AC, you won’t have to worry about that.

Samsung has thought of a solution to the cumbersome installation methods as it has unveiled a stunning model that doesn’t require you to get a technician to come and install the AC for you. Dubbed as Samsung Window Fit, it is a window-mounted air conditioner that will help you through the grueling summers.

Samsung Window Fit – A quality movable AC for your home

The Samsung Window Fit is a splendid movable AC that will also provide users with the leverage to move it according to your convenience. The AC will combine an outdoor and indoor unit into one, and it can be easily installed in any room with a window. All that you’ll need is a dedicated frame attached to the window, removing any need for cumbersome installations and maintenance processes. Moreover, it is easy to remove the frame when there is any need to install the AC in a different room.

Additionally, this product will naturally evaporate moisture generated during the heat exchange process through a fan, so you won’t have to install a separate drain pipe. Samsung Window Fit delivers exceptional cooling performance. It’ll deploy double wind blades that can easily be switched in four directions like left, right, center, and swing, sending in strong windows and evenly in each corner of the room.

The Samsung Window Fit AC comes with a starting price of 849,000 won (approx. ₹57,000) in South Korea. It’ll be available in four exciting color options – Beige, Blue, Pink, and Gray. There isn’t any official news on when this AC will enter other markets.

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