Bespoke Home 2021: Samsung to launch new digital home appliances

Samsung to launch new digital home appliances

Samsung will launch new Bespoke kitchen and lifestyle appliances in the event scheduled on May 11. Set to unveil a range of consumer-centric products, Jaeseung Lee, Samsung’s president and head of digital appliances business wrote in a note that the company has commenced its flagship Bespoke refrigerators, which will be expanding across global markets in 2021.

With homes becoming multifunctional, the president noted that it’s time for the company to change, designing appliances on-trend with flexible features to fit user’s lifestyles. The company has been working on its existing products upgrading with new features and functionalities, along with new products. Envisioning to create durable products of longer life spans, Samsung is said to have developed new technologies.

In its venture of Bespoke Home, the South Korean manufacturer commenced with Samsung’s flagship Bespoke refrigerators, which will be expanding across global markets in 2021, promising on personalised design and interchangeable colourful panels.

“Samsung designed Bespoke refrigerators with interchangeable panels and modular designs that allow users to update their fridges over time, extending product lifespans…Since 2012, Samsung has steadily increased its use of recycled plastics in its home appliance products, and will introduce upcycled eco packages, starting in Korea this year,” the president wrote.

JaesungLee, President & Head of Digital Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics

Bespoke refrigerator may get introduced in the US with ‘Family Hub’ functions and a big screen display as in its earlier model. The new model would combine AI and IoT performing various functions including food management, family communication, and entertainment. The company is introducing the Bespoke in an all-new model, the 4-Door Flex, and in the 1 door column, bottom mount freezer types. It is equipped with ‘Food AI’ technology that would recognize the food and customize diet recommendations and also adding the item to the food list to remind the user on what’s inside the fridge. It allows the user to order products through apps.

According to the president’s note, the response to Bespoke refrigerators has been tremendous. “Early adopters love that Bespoke comes in an array of changeable colors and materials that fit any interior décor. The fridges also have a sleek, flat-front design that gives them a built-in appearance.”

The new Refrigerator Family Hub comes with a new user interface and a large widget for quick access. The company said the model is available in two sizes- 824 and 854litres with door panels in 23 colors. Samsung also disclosed that buyers of the Family Hub refrigerator after 2017 can also get these new features through software updates from May.

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