Research finds ways to improve smartphone battery life

Research conducted in Japan reveals that the design of the Li-Ion battery could be the issue.

Researchers from the reputed JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) have been conducting research on smartphone batteries and they seemed to have found a method to increase the lifetime of a smartphone battery significantly. This has the potential to solve many recurring problems for smartphone users as a conventional battery degrades over time, with the life of a smartphone automatically reducing even if it performs fine in other ways. Even smartphones with high battery capacity face this issue eventually.

According to the scientists involved, the majority of the blame lies with the design of the lithium-ion batteries used to power smartphones. The researchers have been probing ways to provide longer capacities to these batteries.

Research hints a BP Co-polymer could lead to batteries with extended life

The research was published in the ACS Applied Energy Materials journal, with the researchers claiming that the widely used graphite anodes (negative terminals) require the binder to hold the mineral together. The poly binder currently in use comes with several drawbacks, reducing its position as an ideal binding material.

They are investigating a new type of binder made using a bis-imino-acenaphthenaquinone-paraphenylene (BP) co-polymer. It is believed that this binder may be able to address the issue of smartphones running out of battery backup so quickly.

The lead researcher went on to explain that while the half-cell conventional PVDF binder only exhibited 65 percent of the original capacity after 500 charge-discharge cycles, the half-cell using the BP co-polymer had a 95 percent capacity retention after as many as 1700 such cycles.

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