Realme laptop may arrive in India in Q3 of 2021

Realme India Forum questions users about their laptop preferences, hinting that the Realme laptop would debut in Q3 of 2021.

Realme might be getting serious about launching a Realme laptop after joking about a potential launch on April Fools’ Day. Realme is predominantly known for its smartphones but it has already started a questionnaire on its forum, asking fans and other people their preferences for a laptop. It is widely reported that Realme could be in the works for a laptop and it could be released as early as the third quarter of 2021.

Realme’s questionnaire could mean laptop is coming sooner rather than later

The questionnaire on the Realme India forum starts with questions about personal details including people’s age, annual income, gender, and more. Then, Realme continues by asking questions aimed at what smartphones the Realme users might be owning and if they’re satisfied. The company also asks if the respondents are planning on buying a new laptop in the coming three months. And if they are, how much are they willing to spend.

Realme has mentioned a range between ₹30,000 and ₹50,000, which could mean an entry-level laptop. it is expected to go up against the likes of Xiaomi Mi Notebook 14. Moreover, it is expected to be aimed at students, particularly with the exceeding need for online classes.

April Fools’ joke might not be a joke after all

Realme pulled off a prank on its fans by announcing that it’ll be launching a Realme laptop on April 1. Of course, people were skeptical and Realme later confirmed that it was actually an April Fools’ Day joke. However, this joke didn’t come off from a random prank idea. There have been rumors about Realme debuting its first laptop for a long time.

The questionnaire is a strong indication that Realme is planning on entering the laptop segment, which experienced a steep rise last year due to the work-from-home practice. Although offices have reopened for some people, the second wave has shut them down again and schools are still operating online classes. This might benefit Realme if it launches a laptop soon with decent features and an affordable price.

Your take?

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