Panasonic’s new CEO-designate vows to remove constraints

Yuki Kusumi, the designated-CEO of Panasonic, has committed to remove the constraints of employees to make them more competitive. He is assumed to take charge of the Panasonic business after AGM’s go ahead on June 24, mentions the company’s website.

One of the major constraints he was referring to is open communication. A key goal for Kusumi is to promote a corporate culture that allows anyone to speak their mind. As a first step, he has asked his colleagues to refer to each other by name (“Kusumi-san”) rather than the title (“CEO Kusumi”) and to avoid the overly polite Japanese typically used by staff when addressing higher-ups.

Yuki Kusumi said, “I understand that referring to someone by their title–Director or General Manager–can be a sign of respect, but some (probably most) people don’t necessarily like this custom. I think it also makes people overly conscious of an individual’s rank and that becomes a barrier to open communication.”

The former CEO, Kazuhiro Tsuga, stepped down as CEO on April 1 after bringing the Japanese electronics major to profitability and sustainability, said Panasonic.

The new CEO-designate, Kusumi, comes from an R&D background who has guided Panasonic’s white goods, television, and component business in the past.

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Yuki Kusumi entered Panasonic Corporation in 1989 following graduation from Kyoto University Graduate School’s Faculty of Engineering. He was involved in the research and development of software technology, contributing to the launch of digital broadcasting, before starting a two-year term as the head of Panasonic’s European R&D Center in London (UK) in 2002.

After positions of responsibility at Panasonic AVC Networks, Inc. and Appliances Company, he joined the Automotive & Industrial Systems Company in 2018. He was named CEO of the newly established Automotive Company in April 2019, and highlights of his tenure include initiating an automotive battery joint venture with Toyota Motor Company.

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As the leader of the Automotive Company, Kusumi focused on adapting the experience and know-how of Panasonic’s consumer electronics to offer innovative technologies and solutions for changing lifestyles, reduced driver load, and environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Image Source: Panasonic

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