Twitter set to launch audio feature ‘Spaces’ globally in April

Microblogging social media platform Twitter introduced its audio chat room – Spaces – in the app, enabling a live audio conversation feature for android and ios users. Eleven people irrespective of followers or public inclusive of the host can join in the Spaces at a time, stated Twitter on its blog.

The feature works similar to any other audio and video conversation platforms like sending invite links, requesting mike access from the host along with user preference settings. After successful tests with a confined group of Ios users, the company recently tweeted its plans to expand to android users in India opening to join and listen to live talks through host moderated voice conversations. A voice tweet with efficiency to capture 140 seconds of an audio message will get published as Tweets with audio attachments that users listen to in the playback as and when they scroll other contents.

It is now available only to limited users, while Twitter aims to expand globally by April this year. This hints at the influence on conversations between customers and companies with digital assistance and also engages people in listening than reading.

What do you think of the new audio feature, share your views with us? Any more expectations for your audio tweets?  What would you like to read about? Share your thoughts with us:

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