TCL unveils 3-in-1 smartphone that rolls and folds at the same time

The TCL 3-in-1 handset will have options for 6.78, 8.85, and 10-inch displays in the three form factors.

TCL has officially unveiled its “Fold ‘n’ Roll” concept, and no, they’re not different phones. In fact, it is one device that is capable of both rolling and folding at the same time. It is just a prototype for now, while TCL works on its first smartphone with a flexible screen that is set to arrive later this year.

TCL’s innovative concept could transform the smartphone industry

Interestingly, TCL has been testing and experimenting with the form factor of its phones in the last few years. With the Fold ‘n’ Roll, it has taken things one step further. This 3-in-1 smartphone will be able to fold and roll at the same time, giving you three different form factors. Moreover, the device will allow you to switch between a 6.78-inch smartphone, an 8.85-inch phablet, and a 10-inch tablet.

The innovative smartphone will fold out via its Dragon Hinge, which is very similar to what is currently seen on the Galaxy Fold 2 or the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold. TCL has decided to go with the “phablet” form factor with this one, a term that became popular thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy Note series and isn’t used by many other smartphone manufacturers these days.

The 10-inch form factor will be achieved by sliding out additional screen space from the left-hand side of the device. Apart from this, there isn’t a lot of information available out there.

No immediate launch plans as TCL “exploring the technical specifications”

TCL claims that the company is still exploring the technical specifications with such devices, which suggests that the company doesn’t have any immediate plans of launching its 3-in-1 phone in near future. If the smartphone giant manages to price the handset aggressively, it could fill the void for affordable foldable devices.

TCL has announced that the company is on track to launch its first smartphone with a flexible display later this year, although it’ll be a stretch to expect Fold ‘n’ Roll to arrive in 2021.

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