Reon Pocket 2: Sony unveils innovative wearable AC to keep you cool this summer

Reon Pocket 2 comes with significant improvements over its predecessor.

Reon Pocket became Sony’s first wearable AC when it was launched last year. Now, Sony has come out with an upgraded model dubbed the “Reon Pocket 2”. Although the design and looks are the same, the new version provides better cooling and heat absorption. Interestingly, you will be able to use it as a warmer too.

Sony introduces the successor to its first wearable AC

Sony introduced its first-ever wearable AC last year dubbed “Reon Pocket”. Now, Sony has launched the successor to its one-of-a-kind product, calling it the Reon Pocket 2.

It comes in the same design as its predecessor, however, Sony has improved the cooling abilities with enhanced features. Thanks to its new internal design, the wearable AC comes with an improved sweat-proofing system, making it more suitable for exercises. This is a huge advantage, as it marks a substantial shift from the earlier version.

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Sony is focusing on expanding the use-case for the product. Instead of marketing the new wearable AC to people in general, Sony is branding it for specific uses. For instance, a great example is a range of golf clothing, which brands like Le Coq Sportif, Descente, and Munsingwear, seem to be producing as a part of their partnership with Sony. To accommodate the Sony Reon Pocket 2 wearable PC, the golf clothing line comes with pockets to allow the wearer to slide the device into.

Reon Pocket 2 not limited to just cooling purposes

This wearable AC isn’t just to keep you cool in the summers as it is capable of providing heat as it also works as a warmer. The innovative AC makes use of stainless steel for the parts that’ll come with contact with the body surface. It can easily be controlled using a dedicated smartphone app. Sony further adds that it is sweat-proof and drip-proof.

The innovative Reon Pocket 2 costs just 14,850 Yen (approx. ₹10,300) and is only available in Japan for now. Sony will be expanding its compatibility to other devices in no time. More information about the global availability of the product is expected to come out soon.

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