LG expands dishwasher line with upgraded cleaning technology

LG Electronics Canada is rolling out new upgraded models of dishwashers with advanced cleaning technology that can eliminate water spots and sanitize dishes. The company has unveiled five ThinQ-enabled LG QuadWash dishwashers with enhanced TrueStream technology in 2021 line. 

“We put forward our innovative technologies to create a kitchen solution to handle the dirty work. Without the need to pre-wash, even your sauced-up dishes and lipstick-stained stemware come out spotless. And with the added feature to sanitize, you can have peace-of-mind, to enjoy more of life’s moments,” Ashley Audisho, senior marketing manager, LG Home Appliance.

The company announced the new upgrade for spotless clean, with four powerful spray arms replacing the standard two. It is said to power clean dishes from multiple angles. The TrueSteam technology including four power steam nozzles is designed to wash and assist in drying cycle. The dual zone wash allows user the customise the spray intensity for different types of dishes. The newly upgraded easy rack plus system is assigned to take any shape and load of dishes with adjustable third rack for flat, long handled dishes. 

LG’s 2021 models come with smudge resistant technology to maintain the shine coating of dishes. The recent model has achieved certification for sanitising to eliminate bacteria and rinses at high temperature on steam cycle. The user can operate the dishwasher with voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant via ThinQ app. 

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Image Source: LG


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