Organized fridge is healthy fridge: Smart solutions to maintain your refrigerator during summers

Prepare for summers by knowing how to properly organize your fridge

Many people are guilty of stocking up food in the fridge and forgetting, only to discover it after its expiry date has gone. With summers fast approaching, it is more important than ever to keep an organized fridge and avoid any food wastage.

If your fridge is properly organized and everyone in the family knows exactly what’s inside the fridge, things like grocery shopping, cooking, and even re-usage of food become more efficient. Moreover, it’ll reduce wastage of food while also helping you avoid any unpleasant smells.

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No matter what brand or type of fridge you have, there is plenty of space in the fridge that goes unutilized. The key to keeping an expertly organized fridge is to make use of these spaces and categorize food items into different sections.

Here are some of the best ways you can maintain an expertly organized fridge –

  • Use clear storage bins to store raw food items

If you have a habit of losing track of what you’re storing in the fridge and you end up rebuying items that you already have, it would be smart to keep transparent storage bins in the fridge. Having a set of two to four storage bins will help in keeping an organized fridge while it’ll also make picking up items easier.

  • Multipurpose under-the-shelf baskets

If you feel like the standard shelves aren’t cutting it, you can maximize the space under the shelf by using multipurpose baskets for storing cut fruits, vegetables, packaged products, and any other food items.

  • Fridge mats to give the shelves a neat look

Maintaining the fridge can feel like a chore but it’ll feel like less of a chore if you use waterproof refrigerator mats. Not only will these mats make your fridge look neat from the inside, but even in case of any spillage, they’ll make your cleaning job much easier.

  • Transparent, stackable storage for an organized fridge

You can transfer any leftovers, cut fruits, and any other food items to transparent food storage containers. These containers usually come with a locking mechanism with a silicone lid seal that ensures leak-free and air-tight closure, allowing the food to stay fresh.

  • Separate storage containers for meat and other non-veg items

You should have separate storage containers (preferably with added drain plates) to store raw meat, mutton, fish, and other non-veg food items.

  • Maximize the space in shelves via bottle and can holders

A great way to keep an organized fridge would be to store your favorite drinks in one place – by using holders and utilizing the space on shelves. You can add vertical storage space to your shelves by adding bottle and can holders. Moreover, this will also prevent any toppling of items.

  • Over-the-fridge organizer

If the space inside your fridge isn’t enough, you can maximize the storage space on the exterior of the fridge by installing a rack on your fridge and storing dry food items on the rack. It can be used to store spice jars, eggs, dips, and other kitchen condiments.



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