Samsung introduces Baker Series microwaves: Lets you steam, bake, grill

As we stayed home for weeks last year to stay safe from the virus, youngsters discovered cooking as an interesting hobby. Homemakers experimented with ingredients in the vicinity to explore healthier food recipes. In this context, microwaves gained a more important place in the kitchen.

Now, Samsung has introduced a new range – the Baker Series microwaves. While we believe that consumers will have a final say, we found the following features interesting, as stated in a company release, “… industry-first features such as steaming, grilling and frying with pro-level convection features that will appeal to young millennials who have turned into home chefs and are adopting healthy eating habits.” Samsung says that such features were a part of high-end convection models, earlier.

The Series:

The series includes two Grill Fry models (with Crusty Plate that enables oil-free frying) and three Steam Cook models (with auto steam function, comes with glass steam cooker accessory), the capacity is 23 litres. Both variants have a Home Dessert feature for making desserts.  The price ranges from ₹10,290 to ₹11,590. Colours to choose from: Clean Pink, Pure Black and Clean Gray.

What you get:

Sleek design, intuitive touch panels, glass finish. It’s for ‘contemporary’ kitchens and can help consumers ‘explore the hidden chef in them’.  The interior is ceramic enamel – can be kept clean and hygienic.


With the ECO Mode, the device consumes the lowest standby power.


The control panel has six buttons and can be selected with a finger-touch.


It’s beautifully crafted, the machine blends well with its front, it’s got style, can gel well with your modern kitchen.

Samsung Says:

“Besides working from home and studying from home, a new trend that we are seeing is people baking and trying new recipes at home. People across the country, especially millennials, donned their chef’s hat as they spent more time at home and restricted eating out. To address consumers’ renewed passion for cooking healthy and delicious food at home, we have launched Baker Series Microwaves with industry first Home Desert, Steam Cook and Grill Fry features in the entry level segment,” said Sandeep Singh Arora, senior director, online business, consumer electronics, Samsung India.

Your take?

What you think of the new series, share your views with us. Are microwaves getting better each day? What’s your favourite brand, model in consumer appliances. What would you like to read about? Share your thoughts with us:

Photo courtesy: Samsung India


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