Keep your washing machines ‘fit’ to stay safe

Appliances, with safety tips ignored, can be less safe to use. While brands promptly recall products when a technical flaw is discovered, it’s also the responsibility of the users to ensure that appliances at home are used responsibly. We talk, here, about washing machines. The washing machine at home needs your attention, as much as the comfort it offers.

The accidents

In February, a kid was found unresponsive in a washing machine that was turned on, in New Zealand. In August 2019, a three-year-old kid in Orlando had got into a front-loading washing machine and couldn’t survive.

In December 2019, in the United Kingdom, a leading washing machine brand had to recall around 5 lakh washing machines after a directive issued by the safety regulator, there. The door locking system ran the risk of getting overheated and in turn, could lead to a mishap.

While in exceptional cases the product may be at fault, yet negligence on part of the user cannot be written away.

The safety tips

Start with reading the instruction manual. Each washing machine, while offering common tips, will have something specific about itself in the manual.

Using the appliance

As with other appliances, you are expected to disconnect power, when you want to have a closer look at your washing machine. The clothes to be washed should be checked before being put into the machine. At times, we leave pens, coins, and wallets inside pockets. Draining off the water and keeping the appliance dry when not in use is essential. It’s essential to use the socket with the optimal power strength when you want to plug in your machine.

Keeping your washing machine ‘fit’

At times the machine may not function properly and may need servicing. Ideally, leave this to the company from which you bought the machine. Also, it’s important to keep a watch on the plug and power cord. Over a period of time, the cord may wear out, due to heat or factors in the immediate environment. In our daily rush, we tend to forget that each appliance works aptly with components assembled together by the manufacturer. An unauthorized component may make your machine work in the short-run but may not be good for the machine’s functioning. A good step in keeping your machine ‘fit’ is to keep it clean.

Kids’ safety

Kids explore all small spaces around them, so do your pet kittens and puppies. It’s good to check the washing machine before turning it on. It’s important to keep an eye on the kids when the machine is in use. To very young children, a washing machine can be as exciting as any toy and it may invite attention.


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