Step up you laundry game with new health care features

Health tech in Washing Machine: Feature or Gimmick?

Almost a year has passed since life as we knew was impacted by one of the most catastrophic events in human history. With the deadly virus, came a constant need to keep our surroundings clean and hygienic. Consumers have shown great interest in hygiene centric devices that claim to come with sanitisation and disinfection features. By the time the whole pandemic situation is resolved, mankind will have evolved to the equivalent of almost a decade of digital transformation. 

One such category is the high selling washing machines. With a plethora of exciting new features, the industry is ready to offer the best of solutions to their consumers. However, not all health tech features help in making a significant difference in the life of a user. Let’s take a look at the top health tech features that can be found in modern day washing machines. We also check how effective these top of the line features are to help make your next shopping experience more convenient. 

Latest Washing Machine Technologies

Self Clean Technology

A washing machine separates the dirt from your clothes and then rinses it away. It collects the dirt and debris and overtime, these get built-up in the insides and can affect the wash cycle of your washing machine. Although maintaining cleanliness inside the wash drum is easy with traditional cleaning methods like scrubbing, brands like Haier have introduced a new technology that helps the washing machine clean itself.

According to Haier, Self Clean Technology  essentially prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria inside the machine by outspreading smart balls that are anti-bacterial and germ-free, ensuring a healthy and sparkling clean inner drum. So you don’t have to worry about the drum and can rest assured that every wash will be clean, hygienic, easy on the fabric, and tough on the germs.


Dual Washers for better cleaning 

Manufacturers have always struggled to offer more wash capacity with the range of features on offer. There are a lot of options with different wash capacities and designs. Though while opting for a fully automatic washing machine you might be confused between front and top loaders. But Samsung has managed to come up with a path breaking hybrid design, taking the best of two in one washer—FlexWash.

TWINWash Bundle w/ Washer, SideKick and Gas Dryer | LG USA

Flexwash is arguably the most revolutionary washing machine design. This hybrid design offers the flexibility of using both types of load in the same machine. It has a main front loader machine with mammoth 21 Kg capacity, further complimented by a miniature top loader with a compact capacity of 3.5 Kg. Thus, the front loader of this machine can be used to wash heavy laundry items like blankets, curtains. While top loaders can be utilized for lite loads like socks, lingerie, handkerchiefs etc.

LG too has a similar concept of “dual load” in its latest range—TwinWash. TwinWash provides two separate drums for washing. There is one main wash drum which is then complimented by a mini version of it placed below the main drum. The main drum comes with a gigantic 20 Kg capacity, generally used for cleaning heavily soiled clothes. Whereas the mini section below it is designed for the delicate cloth wash like inner garments, scarf, handkerchiefs etc.

EcoBubbles and O2 wash

Companies like Samsung and IFB have developed the technology to harness the power of bubbles to provide fine cleaning without damaging the fabric. Samsung washer uses EcoBubble technology to unlock the power of bubbles to give effective cleaning. That too, at lower temperatures. Realizing Indian households typically use cold water for laundry purposes, Samsung brought this technology to help in achieving powerful wash even with cold water. The main principle of this technology is that it converts the detergent particles into bubbles which get inflated around the clothes, penetrating inside the fabric to remove adamant dirt easily.

Eco bubble

Eco Bubble technology activates the detergent much earlier and faster in the wash cycle by use of a Bubble Generator, rapidly mixing a small amount of water with air and detergent (works with powder, tabs or liquid detergents). This creates a foam cushion in the drum ahead of introducing the main water intake, and the detergent infused bubbles penetrate the fabrics much faster and efficiently than for a conventional wash system, delivering a cleaner wash performance especially for colder temperature cycles

Similarly, IFB uses something called O2 wash, wherein washer generates millions of air bubbles penetrating deep into the fabric, in a bid to remove stubborn dirt.

Improved Drum Technology

Manufacturers are striving hard to design a drum which protects the tender laundry at every turn of the drum.

Samsung has worked in this direction for its latest top loaders using Diamond Drum. In these washers, holes are roughly 25% smaller. Also, holes are also located deep within each diamond-shaped depression to avert the clothes under the drum from sticking out and consequently being damaged. Embossed washboard is accompanied too in such washers to minimize the textile area exposed to harmful effects of washing. It’s small water exit holes prevent clothes from becoming trapped, thus protecting the fabric’s longevity.

Bosch’s new models come with VarioDrum technology. What this technology does is, as the drum spins in one direction, the flat side of the attached paddle cleans the loaded clothes; and then when it spins on the other side, the steep side of paddle delivers profound cleaning with the help of its wave-droplet design.

On the similar line as VarioDrum, Siemens washer uses waveDrum to clean the laundry with extreme care. Just like VarioDrum they too have wave pattern design with flat and steep sides to provide a complementing wash.

Varying Drum Motion

Washing machine manufacturers have explored various wash motion and come up with technologies to best use drum motion as per the fabric requirement.

LG’s 6 Motion DD technology is one such technology providing optimized motion combination for each fabric type. LG’s premium range models possess 6-Motion technology which has a capacity to replicate 6 different wash motions:

  • Tumble
  • Stepping
  • Scrubbing
  • Swing
  • Rolling
  • Filtration

Whirlpool uses SoftMove technology in its latest line-up of front loaders. SoftMove smartly senses the load in the drum. It then acts upon it using adaptive programs and drum movements suiting individual need based on fabric type. Here is the short list of various motion wash designed for different fabric type:

  • Energetic wash
  • Soft cradle
  • Power shower
  • Slow motion

Just like LG and Whirlpool, IFB too has devised its newer breed of washers with a variety of wash styles. Latest IFB front loaders offer wide range of washing styles like:

  • Air bubble Wash
  • 360° Wash
  • Cradle Wash
  • O2 Wash
  • Steam Wash

There has been a significant change in the buying behaviour of washing machine consumers in India in recent times. Washing machines are no longer a luxury appliance. In fact, it’s one of the most common appliances in the country now. With the need to keep surroundings clean and rising disposable income, washing machines have become one of the most sought after categories since the onset of the pandemic. So, the next time when you are out for buying a washing machine, be sure to check these technologies to suit your needs a little better. 

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