Haier Smart Home introduces world’s first “Internet of Food” Smart Refrigerator at AWE 2021

Haier Smart Home, one of the world’s leading home appliance brands and ecosystem builders is aiming to usher in a new era of healthy food storage as the company is set to launch the first Internet of Food-powered smart Refrigerator at the AWE 2021 (Appliance & Electronics World Expo) in Shanghai.

A connected and intuitive solution, the smart fridge will be the world’s first smart food platform to harness the power of 5G technology to deliver world-class services via an IoT ecosystem. This new smart fridge unveiled by Haier Smart Home will provide numerous services to improve the food storage experience, from seamless user identification to the automatic ordering of food to automatic food management, wireless payments, and more.

World’s first smart fridge to be fully compliant with industry standards

This smart fridge by Haier Smart Home will be the first smart refrigerator to be fully compliant with the Chinese National industry standards (22 standards) and the global IEC Standards that were developed to ensure refrigeration systems meet the efficiency, safety, and environmental protection requirements.

The standard has been transferred and adopted by more than 20 countries in the UK, Europe, and South America. In China, the standard breakdown comes in three levels, with the highest grade being marked “Level One Health Preservation”.

Haier Smart Home’s smart refrigerator has achieved Level One Health Preservation grade thanks to its advanced “full-space preservation technology”. At the annual AWE event, Haier showcased the fridge’s preservation performance in terms of cleanliness, color, and nutrition through various experiments of sterilization rate and protein detection of an apple.

The full-space preservation tech proved to not just keep the products fresh but also kept them healthy and highly nutritious.

Haier Smart Home’s new Internet of Food fridge offers intelligent features

The smart fridge is ideal for preserving a variety of food categories. The fridge delivers first-class cooing for dining and kitchen rooms with temperatures ranging from 10-40°C. Inside the fridge, there is a massive amount of storage space with almost 780 liters of volume and a door-to-door design for maximizing space with a huge temperature-adjustable crisper with a unique compartment design.

The fridge can intelligently identify family members using voice, image, and facial recognition, and RFID. Additionally, the smart fridge also delivers personalized services based on user profiles and historical usage data.

The RFID feature will be used to deliver intelligent management for storing products in the fridge – as it’ll enable users to trace the source of ingredients, link the refrigerator to other smart appliances, identify the healthiest and freshest healthy foods, and set reminders to replenish supplies when low.

Moreover, aspiring chefs can enjoy seamless live stream broadcasts over the 5G platform where the videos will help them learn to cook and become a culinary master.

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