Google Nest Hub 2 guide: Things to love and hate about this smart device

The 7.0-inch smart display device will reportedly be available for sale from March 31.

Smart home devices are the trendiest little gadgets in today’s world as they help make your home ‘smarter’ while helping you in day-to-day tasks like setting alarms and reminders, playing songs, controlling other smart devices, and more.

Amazon, Google, Bose, and other brands have been actively releasing next-gen smart home devices to make life easier and more convenient for you.

The Google Nest Hub 2 is the latest addition to Google’s rich lineup of exciting smart devices. The Nest Hub 2 will be the successor to the Google Home Hub and is expected to launch in March.

What is Google Nest Hub 2?

Google’s second-gen Nest smart home device is expected to be one of the most advanced smart home devices and come with features that not many can offer. For instance, the Nest Hub 2 comes with a health tracking feature that’ll help you know how well you slept during a particular course. Moreover, it’ll measure your vital body movements from your chest and tell if you’re sleeping properly or not.

Google Nest Hub 2
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Additionally, it also comes with a screen to allow that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and videos on streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube TV, and more. There is also access to Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and more if you want to check out the music on Google Nest Hub 2.

Google Nest Hub 2 features to love and hate

Love: Advanced Sleep Tracking

Arguably, Sleep Tracking is one of the best features of the Google Nest Hub 2. The product comes with built-in Soli radar technology, a technology already present in the Pixel 4 smartphone and the company’s latest Nest smart thermostat.

The radar will be able to detect when you’re fully awake, asleep, or away from your bed at night while also monitoring your snoring, coughing, and breathing patterns.

The device will then analyze the data and provide a daily report detailing how well you’ve slept and the cause of interruptions that you might have experienced in the night.

Hate: Absence of Camera

The Google Home Hub, upon its release, had a glaring omission – a camera for clicking photos and video calling. At the time of the official launch, Google claimed that the lack of a camera will help protect the users’ privacy.

Ultimately, Google added a camera to its bigger smart home display, the Google Nest Hub Max, which is why it is a bit surprising to find that Google’s latest smart home device will not be featuring a camera.

Google’s rival Amazon Echo Show does offer the camera option and it would have been a welcome edition for Google fanatics who prefer using smart displays for video calls.

Love: Better Audio Quality

Google Home Hub received major flak for having sub-par sound quality and didn’t have a good enough bass, however, Google has drastically improved upon that aspect.

The new smart 7.0-inch smart display in Google Nest Hub 2 offers 50 percent more bass than the Home Hub and all-around better audio quality. Although this smart device might not be your first choice for watching TV or movies, it could be your go-to speaker.

Hate: Lack of Web Browser

Currently, there is no Google smart display (including the latest Google Nest Hub 2) that comes with a built-in web browser. Amazon’s Echo Show, on the other hand, does have the option to surf the web.

This could have been a handy little addition to the Google Nest Hub 2. People might want to quickly search the web for something when they’re using the smart display and their smartphone is far away. For instance, you are watching a movie and your smartphone is charging in another room, you wouldn’t want to stop everything and head over to the other room to search the web on your phone, would you?

Love: Quick Gestures

The Soli Radar has other uses apart from sleep tracking as well. Similar to the way this feature is utilized in Pixel devices, it also helps with the Quick Gestures feature, allowing you to play and pause music/videos by moving your hand in front of the screen.

This will come in handy if you’re cooking or have greasy fingers and want to control the device without having to wash your hands before every touch.

What you think of the Google Nest Hub 2 and smart home devices in the market, share your views with us. Are these devices getting better each day? What’s your favorite brand, model in this category of appliances? What would you like to read about? Share your thoughts with us:

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