New LG OLED 48CX TV launched for gamers and cinema lovers

"We believe this new launch will be a harbinger towards setting new benchmarks in gaming, sports, and cinema viewing experience", says LG.

LG India launched the OLED 48CX TV, a ‘dream screen’ for gaming fans on March 2. The new OLED 48CX TV is a new and innovative product offering LG’s OLED television range that claims to bring a seamless and immersive gaming experience to its gamers. The new LG OLED TV will also apparently provide blazing fast gameplay.

The OLED 48CX TV packs a 4K UHD resolution at 3840×2160 pixels, which are individual self-lit pixels providing the brightest and richest of contrast and color. The LG OLED 48CX TV comes with a ‘paper-thin’ design featuring Dolby Vision IQ and Atmos that optimizes the Dolby Vision content of the TV according to the brightness of the room. The TV also comes with an Eye Comfort Display design which ensures that looking at the screen for long hours will cause not much harm to the viewer’s eyes.

“The gaming industry is thriving and the lockdown, occasioned by the economically disruptive coronavirus pandemic, has significantly boosted the amount of time people spend playing video games or watching movies at home…With our continued focus on providing the most superlative experience for our customers by providing the latest technology that enhances their lifestyle, we believe this new launch will be a harbinger towards setting new benchmarks in gaming, sports, and cinema viewing experience and we are confident our customers will love it”, said Hak Hyun Kim, director of Home Entertainment, LG Electronics India.

The new LG OLED 48CX TV is a powerful TV irrespective of its size being smaller. It is powered by the NVIDIA G-Sync that offers its users a faster responsive gaming experience. To further offer gamers a better gaming experience, the TV is combined with the HGiG profile, which helps in giving the best HDR gaming experience. Featuring LG’s Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor, the OLED 48CX TV produces a perfectly balanced sound effect through AI Acoustic Tuning. The other gaming features include a higher frame rate, Variable Refresh Rate or VRR, Auto Low Latency Mode or ALLM, and Enhanced Audio Return Channel or eARC. Each of these features meets HDMI 2.1 specifications. The ALLM feature automatically selects the TV’s low-lag game mode when a compatible console is available or connected and the VRR feature is able to match the TV’s refresh rate to the frame rate which is being output by a console. Additional features include the Sports Alert feature that provides equally good sports viewing and will alert the users when there is any sports news or updates on their favorite sports.

Apart from these features, the new LG OLED 48CX TV has built-in LG ThinQ along with Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple AirPlay2, and HomeKit allowing users to experience entertainment in the best way possible by eliminating pauses.

The current price of the LG OLED 48CX TV is INR 1,99,990 and will be available across the country. 

Given below is the specifications table for the LG OLED 48CX TV.


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