Xiaomi developing smart glasses capable of phototherapy: Report

Xiaomi tipped to launch smart glasses with therapeutic benefits

Xiaomi is one of the world’s leading brands and it is known to offer a diverse portfolio of electronic gadgets and high-tech devices. Now, it seems like Xiaomi may be working on a pair of smart glasses that’ll come with therapeutic properties.

As per reports, Xiaomi has been granted a new patent regarding the company’s next-gen pair of smart glasses that integrate detection and treatment capabilities. Xiaomi’s smart glasses will emit therapeutic signals including wave signals and phototherapy signals, which can be used for treating various health conditions like anxiety, depression, brain diseases, and eye fatigue.

Xiaomi files a patent for its upcoming smart glasses

Xiaomi’s patent details state that the products involved are a pair of smart glasses and a smart glass case that integrates detection and treatment. The details also hint that the product may emit therapeutic signals that include phototherapy signals (visible light signals, ultraviolet signals, laser signals, infrared signals) and sound wave signals that can be used for treating eye fatigue, brain diseases, and mental diseases (like depression and anxiety).

smart glasses

The light therapy signal could treat mental or brain diseases. The sound wave signals could treat mental illnesses or relieve headaches. The magnetic waves or electronic waves could promote blood circulation in the brain.

Xiaomi tipped to join the ranks of Apple and Huawei

Interestingly, Xiaomi isn’t the first company to have been linked to releasing smart glasses.

Apple is planning on launching Apple Glasses in 2022, with the smart glasses expected to get AR/VR capabilities and feature Sony microOLEDs offering a 1280x960p resolution. The OLED microdisplays of Apple Glasses could offer a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, a wide color gamut, and a response time of 0.01ms or less.

smart glasses

Xiaomi is also not the first Chinese OEM to introduce this concept. Huawei has already launched two generations of Gentle Monster Smart Glasses. Huawei’s glasses offer UV protection and come with support for receiving/ending phone calls. Moreover, they can play/pause music too as they come with dual speakers and a mic, which is assisted by the AI-powered speech noise reduction technology.

However, Xiaomi is the first company to introduce smart glasses that will come with therapeutic properties and help cure issues like anxiety, depression, and mental diseases.




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