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The Ultimate Guide: How to pick the perfect washing machine for yourself

Here’s everything you need to know before you buy a washing machine

With a constant push towards smart living, the sale of various household appliances has skyrocketed in India. Products like washing machines, for instance, are expected to witness a CAGR of 3.7 percent between 2021 and 2025. This growth has further been bolstered by the innovations introduced by various brands across the country. Thus, individuals looking to purchase a washing machine can choose between various makes and models available, integrated with the latest technology. Washing Machines play a pivotal role in our ever-evolving, day to day needs. If you’re spoilt for choice, this Ultimate Guide will make your buying journey much simpler. 

Types of Washing Machine:

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine:

These washing machines are entry-level washing machines with 2 tubs. These machines are cheaper and don’t need a constant supply of water. They are not feature-rich, however, they get the basic job of washing clothes done.

They have: 

  • 2 separate tubs for washing and drying
  • Needs manual intervention

Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine:

These machines are the most widely used washing machines at the moment. They come with only one tub and don’t require any manual intervention. They have preset washing programs which can make washing happen with the touch a button.

They come in different variants:

  • Single Tub
  • Integrated washer and dryer
  • Better wash than Semi-Automatic
  • Some have built-in heaters
  • Energy efficient

Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine:

These have the best washing quality among all the washing machines. Most of the machines have built-in heaters which are required for a hot wash. These are also the most water-efficient machines.

  • Best wash quality
  • Most have built-in heaters
  • Wash programs for a better wash
  • Variable spin speeds for quicker drying

The key differences in the type of washing machineThe Ultimate Guide: How to pick the perfect washing machine for you

Feature Semi-Automatic Top Loading Agitator Top Loading Impeller Front Loading
Capacity 4 Kg to 8 Kg 5.5Kg to 6 Kg 5.5 Kg to 10 Kg 5 Kg to 8 Kg
Wash quality Ok Good Good Best
Delicate Clothes Ok Rougher Good Best
Wash cycle Fastest Fast Fast Slow
Hot Wash No Few Few All
Space Required More Less Less Less
Easily Moveable Yes Yes Yes No
Water Connection Not Required Required Required Required with pressure


It is advisable to fill the tub of the machine up to 75 percent of the total load capacity. This ensures an optimum level of washing with efficient use of water. Refer to the below chart to get an idea about which capacity you should purchase.The Ultimate Guide: How to pick the perfect washing machine for you

Key features to look out for

Below are some key features, which we think would reduce the pain points in your laundry routine.

  • Wash Cycles – Most top loader and front loader have wash cycles. Some advanced machines provide a plethora of wash cycles but come at a premium. These settings adjust water temperature and spin speeds to suit a wide range of fabric types
  • Water Heater – Most front loader and some top-loader fully automatic machines have a hot water wash functionality. They have an inbuilt heater which controls the temperature of the water.
  • Quick Wash – This feature helps quickly wash a small load of clothes. This is very important when you have that last-minute meeting and your clothes are in the laundry basket.
  • Pause Washing Cycle – More often than not you forget to put the last sock or handkerchief in the machine, this feature is exactly for that kind of a situation. Most washing machines lock the doors once the washing cycle starts, a pause option would definitely let you put that in the machine.
  • Steam – This feature is available in most mid-range to high-end washing machines these days. Steam passes through fibre better.



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