Samsung to unveil new TVs with innovative technologies at the Unbox and Discover event on March 2nd

Unbox and Discover event on March 2nd will see Samsung redefine the role of Samsung TVs

Samsung was an active participant in the CES 2021 as it unveiled its first models of the 2021 TV lineup with the announcement of Neo QLED and MicroLED options. Now, Samsung is inviting everyone to the “Unbox and Discover” virtual event on March 2nd where Samsung will share its vision for the companies upcoming innovative technologies and productions.

The upcoming Samsung event will be all about Samsung announcing how it will redefine the role of Samsung TVs through beautiful designs, cutting-edge technologies, and impactful partnerships.

Will Samsung announce new TVs to its 2021 lineup at Unbox and Discover?

Samsung will be hosting the upcoming virtual event on March 2nd, 2021 at 10:00 AM EST (8:00 PM IST). Samsung claims that it will be sharing its vision on how the company’s upcoming innovative products will redefine the role of TV through impeccably beautiful designs and cutting-edge technologies.

Unbox and Discover

The invitation reads – “Unbox new screens inspired by you”.

Now it isn’t clear whether Samsung will be announcing new additions to its stunning 2021 TV lineup or if it will be unveiling new products.

2021 already proving to be an innovative hit for Samsung’s TV lineup

At CES 2021, Samsung gave the world a glimpse into the future of TV technology, hinting at what the customers can expect in 2021 with the unveiling of MicroLEDs, standard QLEDs, LCD TVs, Neo QLEDs, and more. Samsung will also be introducing new 4K and 8K TVs.

Samsung also had quite an impressive 2020 with soundbars and it isn’t clear if new Samsung soundbars should be expected at the ‘Unbox and Discover’ event.

Unbox and Discover

Samsung also unveiled the Object-Tracking Sound technology in 2020, and it seems like Samsung could be expanding upon that technology in 2021. It is possible that the upcoming event could give news on Samsung’s Object Tracing Sound technology in upcoming TV speakers.

Even though TV speakers have largely been the Achilles heel for premium TV models, but technology like Sony’s Acoustic Surface shows potential for a highly enjoyable TV viewing experience without having to add an external audio device.

Despite the push towards MicroLED recently, it was reported that Samsung is looking to introduce QD-OLED TVs as early as next year, with the panels combining the pure colors of quantum dots with the added advantages of self-emissive OLED panels. Will this redefine the role of TV? The question will be answered in a couple of weeks at the Unbox and Discover virtual event.


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