Refrigerator shopping guide: Tips to keep in mind when buying new fridge

Buying a fridge can be a tricky task even when it doesn't have to be, here are a few key points that will simplify it for you.

Buying a new fridge is a big decision. Not only will the refrigerator be the centerpiece of the kitchen, but it is also a place where you store all the meals and food items to keep them fresh. Refrigerator shopping will help you look for a high-quality fridge that keeps your food fresh and helps you live a healthy lifestyle.

Even when your fridge becomes an eyesore or turns into an energy hog that keeps on adding to the electricity bills, you might be inclined to put off replacing that old, not-good-enough fridge. Besides, the moment you walk into an electronics store or begin refrigerator shopping online, you will have endless decisions to make, from the configurations to price to shipping to energy rating, and more.

However, to make things easier for you here is a simple guide that will give you key tips that you must know when buying a new fridge.

Tips to remember when refrigerator shopping

  • Check the size

Before you start your hunt for a new fridge, you should check what size will fit in your kitchen and add to the kitchen’s appeal in both aesthetic look and purpose.

Refrigerator shopping

A fridge’s capacity is generally listed in liters. If you have a large family, a bigger fridge will make sense even if it costs comparatively more. Similarly, if you’re a singer person who is living alone in a rented room, a mini-fridge will also do the job.

  • Shop for the right door style

Once you’ve figured out the size of the fridge you want, the next point to remember would be to choose the right style of door and the type of fridge you want.

There are six types of refrigerators to choose from – Single door, Double door, Triple door, French door, Mini, and Side-by-side.

  • Essential features add a lot

When refrigerator shopping, you shouldn’t ignore the basic, essential features. While additional features like the water dispenser or icemaker might make your fridge more convenient, you shouldn’t lose sight of the main features you’d want in your fridge.

Look for features that you really need at the end of the day. If you’re someone who stores a lot of drinks like Pepsi cans, soft drink bottles, and more, make sure that your fridge comes with adjustable shelves.

Refrigerator shopping

Moreover, look for fridges with spill-proof shelves and built-in controls to easily adjust the temperature so that the food items stored in the fried stay fresh for longer.

If you consume a lot of non-veg, purchase a fridge that features separate compartments for meats and dairy products.

  • The appearance is important too

Because you will be using your fridge every day and it’ll be a huge part of your kitchen’s aesthetic, the style and finish of the fridge is important too.

When refrigerator shopping, choose a fridge that has a clean look and blends perfectly with the kitchen’s interior.

Stainless steel is one of the most popular finishes among consumers, though you should remember that it doesn’t hold magnets. There are many fridges that come with a black stainless steel finish, which isn’t just easy to maintain but it also doesn’t leave a lot of mess.

Moreover, you can keep your fridge shiny-new and have it function smoothly for a long time if you properly take care of it, clean it regularly, and have proper maintenance from time to time.

  • Energy efficiency will be fruitful in the long-run

When refrigerator shopping for a new fridge or a used model, you should always look at the Energy Star label. It will tell you how much electricity the fridge consumes per unit.

The higher the number of stars, the lesser energy it uses.

Refrigerator shopping

Of course, a 4-star or 5-star fridge will cost more than a 2-star fridge but you should remember that it’ll help you cut down costs of electricity bills or repair bills in the long-run.

  • Buy the best option for your budget

Price is also an important criterion when refrigerator shopping. A single door fridge could cost you between ₹10,000 and ₹20,000 while a side-by-side option will be over ₹65,000. Similarly, an advanced smart fridge in 2021 could cost you a healthy amount in lakhs. However, buying a fridge is a long-term investment, so consider your budget and plan out how much you will end up saving in a few years down the road.


You will not have to go refrigerator shopping very often, but the times you make the choice to buy a new fridge will affect you every day. You must carefully plan and evaluate what your ideal fridge should be like and try to find the best possible option in your set budget.

Refrigerator shopping is all about finding the right model that fits your kitchen, supports your kitchen’s look, and saves you money in the long-run, all while keeping the food fresh for a long. Make sure your new fridge has all the essential features in it, but if it happens to come with a built-in rapid-freeze icemaker, a water dispenser, a great exterior texture, that is just an added bonus.



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