LG puts rollable smartphone project on hold

LG Rollable might not be launched as LG looks to cut down on losses

LG had been struggling in the smartphone market for the past few years. The brand that was once heralded as one of the most relevant names in the smartphone market failed to keep up with the competition, which ultimately resulted in LG having to close its smartphone department.

LG often tried to be innovative. For instance, LG introduced a modular phone in the LG G5, LG was also the first smartphone manufacturer to put their trust in the 18:9 display. In recent times, LG unveiled the LG Wing with a crazy swiveling display.

In 2021, LG seemed to introduce the world’s first rollable display smartphone that would be sold commercially. However, the plans for LG Rollable have been put on hold.

LG Rollable put on hold after months of hype and teases

LG showcased the LG Rollable at CES 2021. Various reports suggested that it is expected to be an incredible device but now, the device might not be released.

Since last month, there have been multiple rumors hinting that LG is exiting the smartphone business. With this news, the LG Rollable smartphone looks to be the first casualty as after hyping up the phone for months, LG is weighing its options and might not launch the smartphone at all.

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LG has asked the suppliers to put their parts of the project on hold. While it is possible that the production might have been more sluggish than expected and LG is just delaying the release, but when you take the rumors of LG quitting the smartphone market into consideration, the cancellation of the rollable smartphone seems to be a real possibility.

LG facing huge losses, puts the rollable smartphone production on hold

LG has told its suppliers to stall the work on the rollable smartphone as it has decided to put the project on hold. While LG hasn’t officially made any comment on this matter, but Korean News Agency Yonhap News reports that the company has told suppliers to stop all production.

The LG Rollable was a part of the ambitious Explorer Project, which was tipped to deliver a one-two punch with a classic flagship (likely LG V70), followed by the rollable smartphone.

Last month, it was reported that LG is considering quitting the mobile division or selling it as it had been losing money significantly since the second quarter of 2015. In fact, LG had racked up around $4.5 billion in total losses to date.

LG has continuously struggled despite making multiple attempts to turn things around, in particular with innovative projects like the LG Wing.



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