Lenovo launched Smart Clock Essential in India with loads of top-notch features

The product appears at a price of Rs 4,499 and is exclusively available through Flipkart and Lenovo.com from February 19 onwards

Sunrise will be alerted with increased brightness of display and colour before ringing the alarm

Lenovo has finally launched the much-awaited smart digital clock in India, known as the Smart Clock Essential. The product launches at a price of Rs 4,499 and will be exclusively available through Flipkart and Lenovo.com from February 19 onwards. As of now, it is available in only one colour variant- Touch Grey and after a couple of weeks it will be available for purchase at all leading retail stores.

Now, coming to the specifications, the clock along with a 4GB of Ram and 512MB internal storage is backed by an Amlogic A113X chipset. Moreover, the clock is also equipped with a USB port that helps you charge your phones and other smart devices. To offer cutting-edge sound quality, the Smart Clock Essential features two microphones and appears with an inbuilt night light (with 31 lumens brightness) that aids users to walk freely at night without any trouble. The speaker flaunts a 1.5W speaker that offers a 3W uninterrupted power.

To help users switch off the inbuilt microphone when not in use, a microphone mute option is placed. Like other smart clocks, it can also be used to set alarms, with loads of tunes of your choice and most importantly, it has a separate alarm option depending on the next day schedule as a reminder. Sunrise will be alerted with increased brightness of display and colour before ringing the alarm. 

For connectivity options, the product includes Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0. The clock was initially launched on the Indian soil back in 2019, but this time the product is watered-down version. The smart LED panel on the device notifies users with accurate information on temperature, weather, and many more. The display’s brightness is automatically adjusted with the unique ambient light sensor technology. 


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