Here’s how you can convert your ‘traditional’ AC into a ‘smart’ one

The smart controller connects not just with AC but also other smart home appliances and gadgets.

Smart gadgets and electronics have stormed the Indian market and despite being a price-conscious country, Indians have widely adopted smart gadgets in their day-to-day lifestyle. However, recent models of some of the large shelf life categories like air conditioners (ACs) and TVs suffered as users wanted the appliances to be ‘smart’. But with technological advancements, comes a solution. The market now offers connectors and devices to make your electronics ‘smart’. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and promising hacks to convert any AC into a smart AC.

Smart AC controllers are devices that help you make smart AC out of the one using infrared technology. This technology connects to the AC allowing you to easily add smart controls by mimicking the infrared signals from the remote of the AC and connects to an app on the phone by using a Wi-Fi network, thus giving you control of your AC on your phone.

The smart controller connects not just with AC but also other smart home appliances and gadgets and works on all AC units which use a remote that include portable ACs, window units, mini-splits, etc.

Here is a list of the best smart AC controllers that you can buy to convert your old AC into a ‘smart’ one. 

Sensibo Sky 

The Sensibo Sky is one of the most popular smart AC controllers. This device is easy to connect and can work with various types of ACs, it is easy to install and comes with a voice control either Alexa or Google Assistant. 

The device has a geofencing feature which means that it can be connected to GPS so that it can detect when you are nearing home or even when you are about to leave home. Besides geofencing, the Sensibo Sky also comes with seven-day scheduling and conditional programming.

The Sensibo app is compatible with Android and iOS which is mandatory when you have to control the AC through the phone. The device comes with a peel-off sticker at the back which makes it an easy wall mount. Along with that, the power jack is located at the back of the device and the S-shaped indicator is located at the top which turns blue at the time of pairing.

However, the Sensibo Sky does not work with AC units that do not have infrared sensors but can be used with central ACs, window units, portable units, ceiling cassettes, and mini-splits. The Sensibo Sky is priced at INR 10,979.

Tado Smart AC controller

The Tado Smart AC controller works with ACs that have infrared remotes. Like most smart AC controllers Tado comes with geofencing and many more features. The features include air comfort skill that gives you information about the air outside, a smart schedule that allows you to plan the temperatures according to the temperature during the day and night as well as to detect the weather and turns down the warming of your home or room. 

The controller also helps to monitor the heating system and will notify you if it detects any unusual behavior.

The Tado smart AC controller can be used through the Tado app which must be downloaded on your phone to control the temperature of your room/house, cooling activity as well as energy savings report.

Cielo Breeze Plus/Eco

The Cielo Breeze Plus and the Cielo Breeze Eco are two smart AC controllers. The Cielo smart AC controller can be easily mounted on the wall or any desk. The ‘Cielo Home’ app must be downloaded to set up the device. The device can be set up through the ‘Cielo Home’ app and after its set, the AC can be controlled remotely from anywhere, anytime.

The Cielo Breeze smart AC controller comes with many features which include Turbo mode, Comfy mode, Freeze protection, Global control, and geo-fencing. With this Cielo Breeze controller, you will be also able to control and set the temperature of the house for your kids and pets. They also come with voice controls – Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

The Cielo Breeze controllers work with various types of ACs, but only works with ACs that comes with IR remote control. The Cielo Breeze Plus and the Cielo Breeze Eco are priced at INR 7,000 approximately.


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