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Looking to buy high-end refrigerator in India? Here are the best ones you can opt for

Smart refrigerators help you attain a better-connected home with easily accessible features.

Refrigerators like most other devices have received a significant upgrade over the years. Refrigerators today not only keep your items fresh and water cold, but they can also do much more like giving you reminders of your grocery shopping list, show you what’s inside the fridge, and syncs up with your phone allowing you to make calls, etc. 

Having a smart refrigerator is only a step forward towards building a smarter home to fit better in the smart home ecosystem. Smart refrigerators help you attain a more connected home with easily accessible features.

However, having a high-end refrigerator also comes with a high-end price, but the features that come within the high-end price are totally worth it. 

In India, the high-end refrigerators are mostly from Samsung and LG, but more smart refrigerators for a smarter and more connected home can be expected in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the best high-end refrigerators.

  • Samsung RF28N9780SG French Door with Family Hub 810 Litre 

Samsung French Door with Family Hub is a smart refrigerator that comes with many features. Instead of asking what this refrigerator can do, you should be asking what can it not do? Apart from keeping the food items fresh, it comes with triple cooling technology that makes the refrigerator capable of controlling and optimizing the temperature of the refrigerator along with maximizing humidity and preventing any kind of odor from leaking into the other compartments as the refrigerator consists of three compartments.

This refrigerator allows you to control and connect your home with all the IoT devices with the help of the SmartThings feature, make and receive calls, ideally prepare meals with recipes and simple on-screen instructions, create shopping lists according to a recipe, set reminders, timers and dates, know various information, weather and the news, watch and listen to songs, shows, and programs while cooking along with impressive sound and much more. The price of the Samsung RF28N9780SG French Door with Family Hub 810L is INR 3,01,500. There is a 657L variation (RS74T5F01B4) of this same model which is priced at INR 2,05,900. 

  •  LG 984 Litre InstaView Door-in-Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator

The LG 984 Litre InstaView Door-in-Door Counter-Depth refrigerator is another high-end refrigerator available in India. The refrigerator has been integrated with a stainless steel body for the exterior that comes with a scratch-resistant texture. As for the interior parts of the refrigerator the stainless steel has been integrated into the interior design of the product which helps in maintaining the cold air.

The device comes with a sleek mirror glass panel. This allows you to see the inside of the refrigerator without having to open the door. The glass panel is only for the easy access compartment. The refrigerator’s impressive feature is its Eclipse display and LG ThinQ with Wi-Fi that lets the users control and monitor control the refrigerator better with their smartphones.

Features of this device include an auto-open door, which is a smart sensor located at the foot of the device that opens automatically when the user stands on the ‘door open’ light projection on the floor. This feature of the product helps users to keep different types of food with customizable temperatures. The refrigerator also possesses an intelligent air filter that removes bacteria up to 99.999 percent and helps in reducing odor, enhancing the performance in keeping the food items fresher and cleaner.

The LG Signature 984 Litre InstaView Door-in-Door Counter-Depth refrigerator priced at INR 6,61,590 and the LG 668 L InstaView Door-in-Door is priced at INR 1,94,290.



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