Defy unveils new range of budget-friendly solar powered appliances

The new range of solar hybrid products aims to bring down the cost of electricity.

Defy, the largest manufacturer of domestic appliances in South Africa, has unveiled a new range of refrigerators and freezers. The new range of appliances will be solar-powered and will come under R6000 including the cost of the solar panels.

The new range of solar hybrid products aims to bring down the cost of electricity and preserve food items that are temperature sensitive at the time of load shedding. The Defy refrigerator and freezers will be attached to the solar panels and will also be connected to the national power grid so that the refrigerator or the freezer can draw power from the power grid on days when there is no sunlight available and also during the nights. 

As per a Business Insider report, Defy CEO, Evren Albas explained, “The rising cost of electricity coupled with disruptions in power supply such as load shedding and lengthy unplanned power outages are affecting everyone in Africa…It is these challenges that inspired us to democratize the cost of solar products to make this innovation available to more communities.” 

The products will not require the installation of batteries or inverters that will help in lowering the costs and limiting the solar power to daytime hours in places with the right weather conditions. The energy consumption by the refrigerator and the freezer will also be reduced to significant levels up to 44 percent, and 38 percent respectively. 

Coming with a 254 litres capacity, the top-loaded freezer is layered with thick insulative material that possesses ultra-low conductivity and uses ‘endure-chill technology’, which apparently will keep the food items frozen without power for up to 49 hours. 

The refrigerator will come with a top freezer compartment and possesses a capacity of 157 litres.

By the end of February, the new range of solar hybrid freezers and refrigerators will be reportedly stocked by 78 stores across the country and will retail under the said price.


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