C-SEED introduces world’s first 165-inch 4K foldable MicroLED TV

M1 by C-SEED to become the world's first foldable 165-inch MicroLED TV.

The ultra-luxury TV market just received a stunning new entry in the same of a 165-inch foldable MicroLED TV courtesy of high-end Austrian company C-SEED. While Samsung had been touting its ginormous 292-inch MicroLED TV, appropriately called “The Wall” since 2017, it seems like a new challenger has emerged that might give Samsung’s MicroLED TV a run for its money.

Titled “M1”, this unique minimalist 4K foldable MicroLED TV will rise silently from the floor as a sculpture-like column and then unfold to reveal a mammoth 165-inch screen. The $400,000 revolutionary TV is something that you’ll see in futuristic movies.

Meet M1, C-SEED’s revolutionary 165-inch Foldable MicroLED TV

The Austrian company C-SEED has announced the launch of M1, which is a 4K foldable MicroLED TV that rises out of the floor like a futuristic robot when you’re in the mood to watch a sports event or binge-watch your favorite TV shows. While that alone makes it a stunning device, then add to it its mammoth size, as the TV measures a massive 165-inch diagonally.

Equally impressive is its vibrant, crystal clear picture quality as the display screen is coated with a special screen surface display for ensuring black areas are accurate and rich while the company’s signature Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology will render the borders between the screen’s folding panels totally invisible.

Foldable MicroLED TV
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The TV’s aviation-grade aluminum frame contains a pair of 250W broadband speakers and a 700W subwoofer, which will help create a more immersive viewing experience.

C-SEED is billing its M1 as the world’s first foldable 165-inch 4K MicroLED TV. Technical innovation like this doesn’t come cheap, which means you’ll have to pay quite a hefty amount for this TV set. The M1 will be priced at $400,000 and come in four amazing options – Black, Silver, Gold, and Matte “Titan”.

Will MicroLED technology ever be affordable?

It is obvious to look at the M1 and feel a tinge of envy. Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on a foldable 165-inch 4K HDR TV that you can just tuck away neatly when it isn’t being used?

Samsung claims that its version of mammoth MicroLED TV is capable of hitting 4,000 nits of peak brightness and feature black levels that can rival the best OLED screens. Considering that the M1’s panels are likely sourced from Samsung, it is possible that the M1 will pretty much have the same performance.

While affording M1 4K foldable MicroLED TV is way out of reach for the majority of the people, sadly so are most of the other commercially-available MicroLED TVs right now. The most affordable MicroLED model is Samsung’s “The Wall” variant that has a 146-inch display and is priced at $300,000.



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