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Looking for best video editing smartphones? Here’s a perfect guide for you

Everything you need to know about the best video editing phones in India

While photography often gets all the love and attention, smartphones in 2021 have got pretty good at capturing videos as well. Think about it – do you remember the last time you had to take a camcorder to an outing or a vacation to your favorite place? Especially in India, people much rather prefer to take their smartphones for field trips or partying instead of carrying a professional camcorder. In fact, many Indian YouTubers or content creators also prefer using the best video editing smartphones for recording and editing videos.

As smartphones are improving and becoming more advanced each year, it has now come to a point where you can use smartphones for pro-level videography and video editing.

Similar to image quality, the video quality of today’s smartphones in India also varies among phones. There are smartphones capable of taking exceptional videos but you need to know the right smartphones to choose from.

best video editing phones

Key specs to remember when looking for best video editing smartphones

  • 4K Recording

The best video editing smartphones that you should be looking to buy needs to be able to shoot at 4K resolution (2160p). Many smartphones today offer that, however, some are limited to 30fps. A higher frame rate i.e. 60fps is preferred for capturing videos because the additional frames will result in a smoother recording.

  • 1080p Recording

If you’re looking for best video editing smartphones, shooting in 1080p will be key. While 60fps might not be a problem for most flagships but not every phone is created equal.

A smartphone might not have a 60fps mode for every situation. For instance, the Google Pixel 3 XL shoots at 60fps in adequate light but if the light isn’t proper, it resorts to 30fps.

  • Lens Configuration

The kind and number of lenses used in the rear camera of the smartphone are also important. Having more lenses is ideal for better video editing, as more lenses will result in more flexibility.

Each lens offers a different focal range and a different field of view. Moreover, it will also allow you to switch between the lenses while filming so that you can find the right focal length for the video.

  • Zoom

Always check the available zoom level for the smartphone. Optical zoom and lossless zoom should be preferred, as they’ll allow you to close in on the object in focus without degrading the video quality.

  • Aperture

Represented by the ‘f-number, the aperture is the ratio of the focal length to the diameter of the lens opening. A smaller number will mean a larger opening, which will result in more light being taken in for each video frame.

Best video editing smartphones in India

best video editing smartphones

The Sony Xperia 1 II is capable of recording videos at 4K resolution at 24/25/30/60 frames per second. Moreover, it supports HDR, resulting in beautiful color contrast.

You can record videos at 1080p and edit the videos to come up with beautiful videos that even a professional video editor would be proud of.

As for the display, the phone features a 4K display, giving you the option to view the footage that you’ve recorded accurately and examine the quality of the recording from your smartphone’s screen.

best video editing smartphones

Google’s flagship smartphone features stunning video quality as the rear cameras can film at 4K UHD at 30/60 frames per second and 1080p at 30/60/120/240 frames per second. The rear camera includes dual 12.2MP cameras with a 27mm lens and an ultra-wide 16MP camera. Moreover, the front cam is an 8MP camera with a 24mm lens.

With an internal storage capacity of 128GB, you will have space for several filmmaking tasks and video editing projects. The 8GB of RAM will be great to run multiple video editing apps while the 90Hz refresh rate will help you explore your recorded and edited videos with ease.

best video editing smartphones

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is one of the most versatile smartphones in the Indian market and it counts among the best video editing smartphones in 2021. It performs great both as a photo camera and as a video camera. The phone features a triple camera setup with an A14 Bionic chip, which allows you to seamlessly run this spectacular phone without any hiccups. It features a panorama mode, time-lapse mode, and burst mode. For focus and tracking, it features autofocus, digital and optical image stabilization, and facial recognition.

It is capable of recording UHD 4K video at up to 60fps and 1080p videos in slow motion at up to 240fps. Moreover, you could edit the videos professionally as the 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display will let you view even the most minute details.

best video editing smartphones

The OnePlus 8 Pro is certainly one of the best video editing smartphones, especially if you’re into filmmaking. As a smartphone manufacturer, OnePlus has a great reputation for producing quality smartphones and OnePlus 8 Pro certainly exceeds all expectations. Powered by the Snapdragon 865 processor, the OnePlus 8 Pro will make light work of filmmaking tasks, especially with a 48MP wide camera with a 25mm lens, a 48MP ultra-wide camera with a 14mm lens, and an 8MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom. Moreover, the smartphone includes OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) for removing any camera shake, allowing you to take professional-looking videos that you could edit on the same phone.

best video editing smartphones

Samsung has a rich history of producing spectacular smartphones with high-end specs including advanced camera specs. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is no exception, as it ranks among the best video editing smartphones in India.

It is an impressive smartphone that suits your filmmaking needs as the Snapdragon 865 processor is super-fast and will allow you to multi-task with ease.

The primary rear camera houses a huge 108MP lens alongside a 12MP telephoto lens with a 5x zoom. Moreover, there is an ultra-wide 12MP camera when you’re looking to record videos in confined spaces. There is OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) available to take care of camera shakes when needed.




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