Apple to receive help from LG in building foldable iPhones

Apple is testing is the clamshell foldable design which is claimed to come first, probably by 2023.

LG will apparently help Apple in developing the foldable iPhone that it has been working on. According to reports, Apple’s foldable iPhone will come with flexible OLED displays which will be provided by LG. 

The earlier rumors suggested that Samsung would be the only supplier for the foldable panels. Although now, Samsung and LG might both be helping Apple with the foldable panels while LG might also help Apple with the development of the display of the foldable iPhone. 

One out of the two foldable iPhone prototypes that Apple is testing is the clamshell foldable design which is claimed to come first, probably by 2023 as there are fewer chances to fail with the clamshell form factor. However, the release date for this foldable iPhone might be pushed to a later date, if the company faces any major hurdles during the development. The clamshell design of the foldable iPhone will be similar to that of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip and may also land with stylus support. 

Speculations suggest that the foldable iPhone will come with an OLED display between 7.3 to 7.6 inches along with an activity pen (the rumored stylus support). Apple will also integrate treated ceramic shield glass for the foldable iPhone which will be more durable while folding and unfolding the phone. The treated ceramic shield glass will be able to withstand the pressure of the two tasks more efficiently. The development of the foldable iPhone is being taken extra care to avoid the problems that were faced by the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones which were reportedly very fragile and short-lived. The Samsung Galaxy Fold suffered much backlash as the phone had not quite lived up to the mark that the tech giant had promised.

Apple will be taking its time with the development of the foldable iPhones to make a product with the least number of flaws.


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