Xiaomi introduces Mi Air Charge Technology: Now charge your phones without cables or charging stands

Now charge your smartphones through the air, even in absence of charging cables or charging pads

Xiaomi introduced the Mi Air Charge technology, a new wireless charging as its latest proprietary technology on Friday (January 29). As the name suggests, Mi Air Charge technology allows the users to remotely charge their smartphones without any charging cables, charging pads, or wireless charging stands.

This is unlike any wireless charging technology out there. Most wireless chargers today are based on the widely adopted Qi standard that has the transfer of power wirelessly using inductive charging over a distance of 4 cm or less. However, Xiaomi’s latest Mi Air Charge technology claims to charge multiple smartphones within a radius of several meters, even with physical obstacles.

Charge multiple smartphones with 5W wireless charging using Mi Air Charge

The transmitter is pretty large, almost as big as perhaps a living room side-table next to a bed or a couch. The charging transmitter can provide a 5W charge to wirelessly charge your smartphones through the air.

In its current setup, Xiaomi’s latest charging technology will charge multiple smartphones with a 5W current within a radius of several meters. Moreover, Xiaomi claims that physical objects or hurdles will not reduce the charging efficiency.

Xiaomi has also teased that the Mi Air Charge technology will eventually get compatibility for fitness bands, smartwatches, and other wearables. Soon, your living room devices including desk lamps, speakers, and other smart home products will be built upon a wireless power supply design, free of connecting wires, making your living truly wireless.

How does the Mi Air Charge technology work?

This is probably one of the most important questions that people will have – how does this technology work?

Xiaomi outlined in a blog post how the technology will work. Xiaomi designed a special charging pile that features five-phase in-built interference antennas that detect the location of your smartphones. To transfer power to the smartphone, Xiaomi has included a phase control array of 144 antennas. These antennas then transmit millimeter-wide waves via beamforming to the smartphone.

Mi Air Charge technology

The type of charging used here has nothing to do with the Qi standard charging. The smartphones have to be outfitted with a miniaturized antenna array that contains a built-in “beacon antenna” and “receiving antenna array”. The beacon antenna broadcasts the phone’s position information while the latter with 14 antennas converts the millimeter-wave signal from the charging pile to electric energy. The conversion is done through a rectifier circuit.

Despite the announcement, the Mi Air Charge technology is still in the concept phase and will not be available in the near future. In other news, Xiaomi is also in the works to introduce a flagship that’ll come with 200W fast charging support.


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