Trump pulls out major licenses from Huawei and Itel; intends to reject other applications

  • The commerce department said that they are working closely with various other agencies to “consistently” apply licensing policies that would be useful in protecting foreign policy and national security of the United States 

The Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei, which is already in various sets of trouble in the United States, is again slammed by exiting President Donald Trump. This time, the current government has notified Huawei and chipset manufacturer Intel that it has rescinded various licenses and is aiming to reject various other applications, claims an unnamed source in the department.

The Trump government from the beginning has taken stern action against Huawei, ZTE, and other Chinese firms in order to protect the security of the country and people. The government believes that these Chinese firms collect and store classified data in their own data centers. Various other countries such as Australia, India, and the United Kingdom have taken action against the Chinese apps and firms.

This might be the last action taken against Huawei by Trump in order to weaken the globe’s leading telecommunications equipment maker, which the country witnesses as national security.

When Intel and Huawei were asked for their comment on this issue, they have declined to say anything officially. The commerce department added that it would not say specifically on licensing issue, they are working closely with various other agencies to “consistently” apply licensing policies that would be useful in protecting foreign policy and national security of the US. 

While viewing the documents in an email, Reuters witnessed that the Semiconductor Industry Association back on Friday stated that the Commerce Department had issued “intents to deny a significant number of license requests for exports to Huawei and a revocation of at least one previously issued license.”  In fact, another unnamed source claimed that more than eight licenses were plucked from four companies. 

Korea’s Samsung Electronics fell 1.5% while Japan’s Advantest shed 1.5% and Tokyo Electron lost 0.8%, claims Reuters. Kioxia Corp, the Japanese chipmaker even lost one license. Formerly known as Toshiba Memory Corp, it said, “it does not disclose business details regarding specific products or customers.”


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