SSI Innovations launch robotics surgery system

Pitched as South Asia’s first medical robotics surgery system, SS Innovations, a company aiming at providing an advanced, cost-effective surgical robotic system, on Tuesday, announced the launch of SSI Mantra (multi-arm novel telerobotic assistance) surgical robotic system in New Delhi.

The surgical robotic system can be used in urology, general surgery, gynecology, thoracic, cardiac, and head & neck surgery. The system will also include automated technology, useful for bypass and valve operations.

A human pilot study, using the system, was recently conducted at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, where 18 complex procedures were completed within a month.

“Robotics shall be the future of surgery, and my vision is to create a technologically advanced system that will be cost-effective, easy to use, and can be applied to all surgical specialties. Thus, benefitting most patients around the world. Compared to conventional surgery, robotic surgery results in smaller incisions, that reduce pain, scarring and lead to a quicker recovery.” said Dr. Sudhir P Srivastava, founder and CEO, SS Innovations. Srivastava has performed over 1,400 robotic cardiothoracic surgeries including 750 over beating hearts.

While robotic-assisted surgeries are not uncommon, the access is restricted as the process is expensive and needs well-trained practitioners.

SS Innovations has raised over Rs 300 crores ($40 million) in the last 3 years. The goal is to raise Rs 700 – Rs 1,000 crore ($100-$150 million) in the next round. This is needed to establish the manufacturing, assembly, infrastructure and clinical support for a global launch, starting from India. The company operates out of Andhra Pradesh Medical Technology Zone (AMTZ), Visakhapatnam. The Mantra system is currently not available for sale in the market.


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