Samsung working on robots to help you with your household chores

The Handy Bot has an elongated face with two eyes which expresses emotion by closing or expanding its eyes.

In the CES 2021, Samsung revealed that they are working on robots that can help with the household chores. These robots will serve as an assistant that will be able to perform multiple tasks. The three bots that Samsung is working on are – Bot Handy, Bot Care, and JetBot 90 AI+.

The first bot is the Bot Handy that will able to do the laundry. The Bot Handy has an elongated face with two eyes which expresses emotion by closing or expanding its eyes. The bot also moves very smoothly around a room as it has a rolling base.

This robot possesses a single arm with three pivot points. This allows the bot to become flexible enabling it to do common tasks as grabbing, carrying, and placing items such as dishes. Bot Handy can recognize items or objects with its cameras with the help of AI assistance. Bot Handy is a perfect name for this innovative robot that will be able to perform a wide variety of tasks such as pouring you a glass of wine, sorting the laundry, etc. The bot will be able to detect what an item is and how tightly it needs to be grasped and placed. The bot can also place objects on the top shelf of a closet by raising itself.

Sebastian Seung, president and head of Samsung Research said, “Bot Handy uses AI to understand objects, like a glass cup or ceramic plate, taking note of their shape and materials to work as your trusted partner…Bot Handy can move around and do things like set the table or put away groceries. It flips the script on what a robot in your home could look like.”

The second robot is the Bot Care, to “take care of the little details of your life” according to Seung. The Bot Care will assist you better with your daily routine by reminding you to take a breather if you are sitting with your laptop or PC for too long. It will also remind you of your meetings and schedules, like reminding you to take your daily medications, etc. The Bot Care looks like one of the robots straight from the movie Wall-E.

The third robot is the JetBot 90 AI+. This is a smart vacuum cleaner that is integrated with a LiDAR sensor. The AI-based vacuum cleaner is a laser-based technology that will be able to 3-D map precisely. The JetBot 90 AI+ can detect objects or items while avoiding delicate or breakable items and still getting closer to sturdy objects. It can also detect the smallest of objects and also empty the dust on its own at the clean station.

Samsung has not yet confirmed as to when these AI Bots will be available in the market or even the price of these high-end bots. However, as per reports, the JetBot 90 AI+ will be available likely in the first half of this year.


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