LG introduces new generation AI-powered washing machines

The LG Stream+ helps in maintaining hygiene and ultra cleanliness. The feature apparently will kill 99.9 percent of allergens.

LG Electronics has introduced a new generation of washing machines that have been integrated with artificial intelligence for more precise washing. The new LG washing machine, the ThinQ front-loaded washing machine will come with powerful washing performance with a standard 10-year warranty on its motor parts.

The LG washing machine features an Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive or AI DD motor which will detect the weight, sense the softness of the fabric, and is able to choose the most favorable motion according to the type of fabric. This new LG ThinQ reportedly will cause less damage to laundry as compared with normal washing machines.

The AI DD feature collects data from twenty thousand pieces of information which is related to washer usage in order to apply the settings regarding the volume of the laundry and the fabric or the delicateness of the laundry accordingly to give the best washing results.

Another interesting feature of the LG ThinQ is that it operates on silent operation. The LG ThinQ can also be operated through the Smart ThinQ Wifi. The Smart ThinQ as the name evidently suggests, can be controlled from anywhere in the house at any time. The washing machine also reportedly will give notifications when the laundry is done through the LG ThinQ app available for both android and iOS. Through the app, users will also be able to start a dry cycle after the washing is done.

Vijay Babu, vice president of home appliances from LG Electronics had commented on the launch saying, “With our innovative washing technologies, we are certain that our washing machine with AI DD will exceed all consumer expectations. A welcome addition to our health and hygiene portfolio, we are confident that our latest washing machine will set a new benchmark for convenience with its larger capacity and customized laundry experience.”

The LG ThinQ washing machine has other features that make it more efficient and powerful. The 6 Motion Direct Drive or DD and TurboWash 360 are the additional features. 

In order to detect different kinds of fabrics and with it the different kinds of motion to provide clean laundry without any stains also maintaining the least amount of damage, the 6 Motion Motherly Wash integrates scrubbing, rolling, stepping, swing, tumbling, and filtration. The 6 Motion Direct Drive feature moves the wash drum in multiple directions which helps in getting the laundry ultra clean.

The TurboWash 360 uses a powerful jet making sure that the detergent can penetrate the fabric by surrounding the clothes from many different angles. The 3D Multi Spray shoots jets of water in five different directions saving water and time.

Another feature of the LG ThinQ washing machines is the LG Stream+ that helps in maintaining hygiene and ultra cleanliness. The feature apparently will kill 99.9 percent of allergens, as it generates steam for 20 minutes to kill germs and bacteria. This feature has also been certified by the BAF and TUV. The price of the LG ThinQ is INR 44,990.


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