LG to introduce bendable gaming monitor and transparent OLED display at CES’21

LG is set to introduce the revolutionary bendable gaming monitor and a transparent OLED display panel at the CES'21

LG has officially announced the introduction of several new display technologies, including a next-gen gaming monitor ahead of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2021. The annual event will see LG introducing a bendable gaming monitor and a transparent OLED gaming monitor that could bend as well as another transparent OLED display that can switch between a curved screen and a flat-screen.

LG looking to debut the world’s first bendable OLED gaming monitor

LG has revealed that it’ll be launching a 48-inch bendable CSO display that comes with paper-thin screen bends and with a curvature radius of 1,000R. It means the display can bend up to a radius of 1,000m without causing any effect on the functioning of the display. Moreover, the display can turn into a flat-screen when watching TV and a curved screen while gaming. LG claims that the display will offer a uniform viewing distance from the center of the screen to its edge, which will maximize the visual experience, something essential for most gamers.

gaming monitor

The CSO technology that is used in the OLED gaming monitor enables the screen to vibrate without the use of speakers. LG has also reduced the display’s thickness from 9mm to a meager 0.6mm, making it super-thin and providing improved sound quality. The display also features a 120Hz per second refresh rate and a variable refresh rate range from 40Hz-120Hz.

Dr. Chang-ho Oh, the executive vice-president and head of TV business unit in LG claims that LG’s 48-inch bendable CSO display is specially optimized for gaming as it’ll maximize the use of advanced technology, which produces an immersive experience unlike any other. In fact, it will offer the best gaming environment for gamers, something they’ve never experienced before.

LG Smart Bed concept will be unveiled at CES’21 too

The LG Smart Bed is going to be a 55-inch transparent OLED display. The display will rise from frame to frame and will show content in different screen ratios. In fact, LG claims that the display panel will be able to switch the screen ratios without actually affecting the image quality. The LG Smart Bed is expected to come with LG’s CSO technology (Cinematic Sound OLED). This technology was introduced by LG back in CES’17 and it enables the displays to vibrate for creating sounds.

gaming monitor

The transparent OLED is believed to be a revolutionary technology that will maximize the advantages of OLED and be used in daily lives, from shopping malls to airports to architectural interiors and autonomous vehicles. This technology will grow into a next-gen display that will change the existing display paradigm.



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