Google now targets AI head Margaret Mitchell for sharing files with external accounts

  • Margaret Mitchell was alleged to have been using automated scripts to scrutinize her own messages to find instances of racial discrimination towards Timnit Gebru

Trouble seems to be the synonym for the search engine giant Google with several allegations surfaced for the past couple of months. This time, the company is caught into trouble by its own employee from the ethical AI team who is alleged to have shared imperative data of the company with external accounts. Though the files were retrieved, Google is carrying out a thorough investigation with the concerned authorities and has locked all sorts of corporate accounts of the employee.

Axios is the first website that reported the latest investigation of one of Google’s own AI members. Margaret Mitchell, who is now the head of the company’s AI ethical team was using automated scripts to scrutinize her own messages to find instances of racial discrimination towards Timnit Gebru, who was earlier spearheading the same division of the company.

Back in December 2020 during the first week, Google was caught into gender bias controversy after the company’s top Black scientist on ethical artificial intelligence claims she was terminated illegally after countering Google’s diversity efforts. Timnit Gebru stated on her official Twitter account that she was terminated without notice after she emailed her colleagues expressing anger over gender diversity within the company’s AI unit. She also claimed that Google reviewed her work strictly than that of people from other backgrounds.

A Google spokesperson officially said to the media,” Our security systems automatically lock an employee’s corporate account when they detect that the account is at risk of compromise due to credential problems or when an automated rule involving the handling of sensitive data has been triggered. We are actively investigating this matter as part of standard procedures to gather additional details.”

When the media reached Mitchell for a statement, she did not say anything officially as of now. Google’s diversity department has been in several rounds of investigations and questions by the concerned American government and human rights department. There are records of endless terminations and racial discriminations in the same division. 


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