Ex-Prez Obama’s employees are selected for top posts; Biden’s campaign members in stress

  • Popular Google critic Jonathan Canter who worked for the antitrust department at the law firm Paul Weiss could be the other selected employee for scrutinizing the antitrust cases

To tackle the antitrust cases of the American tech tycoons such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Twitter, upcoming President Joe Biden has selected two ex-administration officials of former President Barack Obama in the United States Department of Justice. The news has worried several campaign members of Biden who helped his victory. The members feel that they are being kept aside for the top posts, while selection for ex-president employees for the top posts are growing. 

One of the elected officials is Renata Hesse, who led the Justice department of the country since 2002 in various roles. From 2016 to 2017, she worked as the Acting Assistant Attorney General. Apart from government posts, Hesse also worked with private firms like Google and Amazon as an advisor on imperative matters. 

According to sources, President Biden has selected several employees of the Obama administration for the legislative department, the first lady’s office, and several other posts as well. Anthony Blinken is selected for Biden’s cabinet, who earlier worked as the deputy secretary of state and deputy national security advisor under President Barack Obama. Politico’s exclusive reporting mentioned that as of now, there are more than thousands of vacancies, but Biden’s own members fear that they will not be selected for any new posts. Recently, John Kerry, the former secretary of state is appointed as the climate czar of Biden. 

The other selected candidate for the Justice Department is Juan Arteaga, who has also previously worked in the same department under President Obama from 2013-2017. An anonymous source said to Reuters that Arteaga also spearheaded as the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Enforcement. Same as Hesse, Arteaga also worked with prominent private companies such as AT&T and JP Morgan Chase.


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